Bangkok – It’s all about the hustle and a whole lot of bustle

Bangkok –  Umm even though in my last days I began warming to the city life, overall I’m not really feeling Bangkok. Like many  big cities people here are rushing about, are not polite or helpful, which is to be expected. But unique to this city I found that everyone is hustlinghustle (mostly you) all day & night. This hustle comes in many shapes and forms, bringing with it, in my opinion, a thin dark/unsmiling layer that has wrapped itself around the city.  None the less, the pier de resistance was the number of rats I encountered. Mate, I don’t belive i have ever seen as many rats in my entire life. This made walking the streets at night an adventure in itself!

Ok, despite the rats and never-ending hustle I did enjoy myself,  In particular the evening & nightlife scene. The isn’t much to do during the day but come 5pm the city really comes to life. The parks fill with people exercising or jogging in mass, whilst others are  simply hanging out together. Night markets will appear in the blink of an eye, and the bars & clubs begin to fill up in time for great live show wheather it be music or therwise 😉 – However, with such focus put on the eve/night activities I would have expected the Parks, bars & restaurants to be right up there with the best of erm – like the shopping malls are. Dont get me wrong there are many great upscale bars & clubs to be enjoyed but the average street eateries, bars and parks are not invitng or well-kept.  It felt as if  the thought process is that of it’s there, it works, it serves it purpose, the end.  No pleasure or care seems to be put into it and for a booming capital I guess I expected more overall. The vibe or ,lack there of, just hasn’t drawn me in and left e me wanting more.

who knows Maybe if i lived to endless shop and eat the same dishes over and over, then this would be heaven. Just  Imagine it,  I could spend all day in the numerous impressive shopping malls, and then spend my evenings in the night markets to shop even more, before getting dressed up to go to an upscale -ish bars but, because it’s so hot I look like a drowned rat before I even arrive!. Now  im sure this sounds like a blast for some but unfortunately for me one day of shopping is enough to last me a year or even two, the markets seem to all sell the same thing, and to be honest the shops here are more a less the same shops we have at home so why would I fly all the way over here to shop?????

Anyways all in all I’m glad I have spent this time getting to know Bangkok a little bit better , its safe to say i wont be rushing back there myself, however if you are seeking a quick (cheap ish) city escape full of shopping by day and partying at night then Bangkok is a goods option, but maybe not the best option in comaprions with the captials of the world.




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