Snap Shots Of : 8 Days In Bangkok- My Best Bits!

If you read my latest post you will know that i am not a big fan of Bangkok but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a good time.

These are My Best Bits

1P1090924. China Town  – Yaowarat Road –  the main road that runs from one end of Chian town to the other , and of course the best place to start your china town expedition.



Like many parts of the city I would say Chinatown is most impressive in the evening. We arrived a little after 6 and you could feel the buzzing atmosphere levels rising every second.Of all the Chian Towns I have been to, all over the world, this one is the one I imagine to most look  and feel like the real China:)

Food  is a big part of the China Town experience and eatting here is a must .This was the first and only time we tried street food whilst in Bangkok, ( i woudl nt really advise itanywhere else to be honest as the city is sooooo dirty)


Chiana town

China town

2. Limphin Park – I would describe this park as a hub of sports, leisure, and tranquility.  Limphini Park is the perfect escape place from all the city drama that surrounds it. suprisingly even thought it is completely surrounded by the city, once you enter the gates you are transported into what feel like a totally different place, where the atmosphere is still buzzing yet the pace of it all completely slows down.


You will find friends and families hanging together, or my particular favorite is the mass work outs, both th young and old group together and jog and participate in the aerobic classes! I found these Mass works to be quite amazing, people of all ages take part and its not a joke they really take it seriously!

Click pictures to view bigger

Patpong night Bazar

Patpong night Bazar

3.- The NightLife 

Patpong Night bazar  – Patpong Soi 1, Bangkok — Sala Daeng MRT station

This wild and wicked night spot makes for a super fun and eye-opening night  out ( no dress code – Casual) , here you will find a Night Market,  and a mesh of bars, strip clubs, pool halls and Ping pong shows. Times here seems to fly by. We went out for a quick drink and stroll in the market, which turned into a few games a pool then, a ping pong show, and then onto a few more bars and finally to see some live music. this was a great night out.



If your a man Patpong is an erotica haven for you, if thats your kinda thing;) – One experience i saw that many guys indulge in was the Playing Pool- sounds harmeless bu t here in Thailand each pool hall comes with a harem of Thai women who will play pool with you, amongst other things……It seemed to be a faviorte for men all of ages and backgrounds.


sukhumvit bangkok soi 11, Nana BTS station

There are may bars, clubs and eateries in this more upscale area. The soi  (alley) we explored was Soi 11.  Above eleven sky bar, Levels night club & lounge , and The Nest rooftop bar and restaurants are the places we liked most and would highly recommend.   Most clubs and bars in this area have a dress code, and i would say attracts more of the late 20’/ 30 plus crowd.

Above eleven –38/8 Soi Sukhumvit 11,  Fraser suites Hotel

*Dress code – smart casual ( men no shorts, saddles flip flops or sleeveless tops) – The food is peruvian japanese infusion. book in advance via website to ensure you get a table.

Above 11




Our table

Our table

This pretty upscale Skybar was a first time experience for us. we had reserved a table right near the edge, see above with only a glass barrier separating us from the world beyond It was amazing. two thumbs up!

The Nest – 33  soi 11 Sukhumvit Rd.

Of all three this one was my favorite. Cocktail menu was endless and both the drinks and food are fairly priced. Overall  the atmosphere was my kinda vibe, less stuffy, more casual and relaxed . Good music and really friendly staff.



Levels Night Club – 11 Sukhumvit Rd, Aloft Hotel

Dress code -Smart

great club & lounge with a mix of Thai and foreigners, fairly priced drinks and good music.

Levels Night Club

We spent our final night in Bangkok at Levels, it recommend to us by my brother. The live entertainment was 10 outta 10 and the dj’s were brilliant. I loved the terrace area, which had great views overlooking the city and huge built in cozy seating!

04 level-club


And that sums up my time in Bangkok, we did quite a bit more thn that but these are the moments that i will take away with me for sure

Happy travels


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