A Quick First Timers Quick Guide to: Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya was the former capital a of Thailand from 14th -18th century,  before it was moved to Bangkok. Ayutthaya is World Heritage Site, located 85 km north of Bangkok  and therefore making it a easy and popular day trip from the capitol.

Getting there:

Thailand-train-ayutthayaFrom Bangkok you can go by air conditioned bus from Victory square station or you could go by train , which is what I opted for. You get a train from Hue Lampong station, tickets cost 15 baht per person each way and can be brought on the day of travel. The journey takes aprox 1.5 – 2 hours and the train I got didn’t have any air con, it did have fans which was fine really.

 Getting around:

once you arrive at Ayutthaya station you have the following choices:

  • Tuk Tukk Tour – costing aprox 200 baht per hour – we did a three-hour tour including a stop for lunch. which was more than enough for us, and probably the minimum time you should spend.

Boat-crossing-to-ayutthayaor first cross the river by boat ( 5 baht per person -journey time 60 seconds) then hire one of the following:

  • Bikes – aprox 40 baht for the day – be warned it can  be extremeley hot and the park is quite vast.
  • Moped – 150 -250 baht per day – great option!
  • you can also get a tuk tuk from this side too ( we did we wanted to take the river boat 🙂 )

*note to get to the river boat you need to take a short walk down the road opposite the station exit*

What to see:

There is loads to see here, however we felt that a lot of the ruins are very similar So, if your strapped for time I  would recommend seeing the following as must see’s!

1.The Reclining budda—wat lokayasutharam


2.wihan phra mongkhon bophit & wat phra si sanphet

3.Wat Phra Mahthat

Smaller than it actually appears but worth the 

20150421_090019_resized (2)

4.Wat Salapoon Worawtham



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