Chiang Mai & I: 4 Reasons Why I Love This City

Chiang Mai And I 

Two weeks ago yesturday I had just arrived in Chiang Mai, where almost instantly I was hit with that familiar feeling of “I’m so going to like it here” and you know what ? I was wrong I have ended up !loving it there!”.  Of course having my brother and his friend Maya, there to welcome us into the city show us around, immediately made Chiang Mai feel like home.  But I must give credit where credits due, and say Chiang Mai didnt need any help to steal  my heart and these are reasons why.

  • The Atmosphere -I would say Chiang Mai has the tranquility and warm friendly nature of a small rural town, with all the food, drink, clothing and entertainments venues  that you expect to find in a large city ( that is it ) without the impolite city service and hustle & bustle. There is a well-balanced mixture of old and modern, concrete jungle and acutaul jungle.  The daily rhythm is slow and steady which allowed me to take it all in and savor each moment of each day.


Begin situated next to the mountains, lush green forest are just a Bike ride away. The only thing missing for me is the beach and Chiang Mai would defiantly be added to my “I could so live there” list! .


  • The people – are ultimately what make this city what it is. The people of Chiang Mai seem to share a mutual respect for one another and they take pride in there city & cutlture. Better yet they don’t mind sharing it us “outsiders”. Even those that cross the line still do it with some sence of positive attitude – the graffiti below is one of the best examples of this.


I passed this I’m happy sign each day and it just made me smile. A declaration of happiness is not something i see or hear in my everyday life.

The expats and tourists automatically seem to fall in line and adopt the same attitude. you won’t find drunken foolishness , ping pong shows, and the rest of the trimmings happenings here. Its far more peaceful, and PG/family friendly.



  • The Food – Man oh Man I just had to accept i was going to leave Chiang Mai much  heavier because the food was too good to resist. There are so many different types of sweet and savour dishes to try plus a whole lot of fruits that I have never seen before!


Low cost of living & high quality of life  –Chiang Mai is very inexpensive place to visit but, don’t think that inplies what you get in return is sloppy service, crumbling accommodations, and make shift shopping and enteraimnet venues – No No,  its quite the opposite. the level service and quality of products are of a high standard. Due to these reasonable prices everyone can enjoy what Chiang Mai has to offer. This is how i feel  life should be. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy your life and share your culture with others 🙂 download


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