Chiang Mai Sunday Market – The Mother of Markets

If you haven’t been to Chiang Mai then you have never really been to a Market. Chiang Mai has a many markets to choose from situated all over town such as:

  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
  •  Huay keau road Night market ,
  • Warorot Market
  • Saturday Walking Market

to name but a few. However, fin mu opionin the most impressive would have to be the Sunday Walking Street Market – Ratchadamnoen Road  a.k.a the mother of all markets because of  the sheer size of it and consistency in quality of products throughout. The Market occupies the majority of the old towns central roads, spanning a few kilometers in each direction. Way to big to conquer in one visit, so we devised a game plan to do half then and the other half the following sunday. Due to the size of it never feels to congested, allowing you to casually stroll and admire the goods on sale.20150426_144534

As of 4pm the street begin to fill up with both locals and tourist alike, seeking to snap up a bargain. The main Showcase of this market would have to be the artwork and hand crafted products. You will find many of the vendors make and sell their own products and the quality of craftsmanship is first-rate.


if you are not a shopper never fear there is still plenty for you to do, like soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the many street entertainers……….

……and of course to indulge in the food scene. there are many food vendors selling a wide variety od sweet and savoury dishes. The way we tackled it was to sample a different food or drink about every 50 paces or so. until we reached the Wats, where the grounds had been transformed into a food temple, of sorts . The food stalls, table and chairs totally transformed the temple grounds as if it was a place to come and worship the art of food :)and that we did my friends.tagine gyoza (2)

Here we sampled one f my new favorite of mine called Gyoza-(pictured above & below) dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough.20150426_134220

I wanted to return to The market the following sunday not only to eat but to see the other half of it. Looks like I’ll have to sabe it for next time!

wat market colur shadow


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