A fun day out for a £1: 13.6k Bike Ride To Huay kaew waterfall, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai and I

Seeking a little adventure, and desperate to see what lays beyound the old city walls Fernando and I decide to rent a couple of bikes for the small fee of 50 Baht each ( £1) and head out to Huay kaew waterfall bound. loacally.

map hkwf

When searching online or asking people how to get there they would say take a songthaw( a mode of public bus type transport)but whats the fun in that? or they would say its to far to walk or bike especially in the heat, fair point,  it was averaging 35 degress each day but, 6.8k there, 6.8k is hardly going to kill uspha! taxis are for wimps.and with that thought we pack a map, a few snacks and set off for ther day.


Riding through the old city, zipping down many side alleys trying to avoid the direct sun and keep to the shade, we finally reach the old town limits. a short ride along the moat and we found Huay kaew road, which by our calulations should lead us straight to the destination.


Hauy Kaew Road

Hauy Kaew Road

riding along the main road i must admit i was shitting myself as im not used to riding in full on traffic but, Fernando is so following his lead i relaxed and just enjoyed the ride. Along the way you encounter true evryday Chiang Mai life happening. we discovered that the city is much bigger and modernt had we had imagined. we pass a uber modern shopping mall, Maya, ( we plan to stop off there on the way back) then a little while later the university. now 30 mins into our journey we get the know we shouldnt be to far now. crossing a bridge we see a map ( below)  indicating that we was on the right track and had now entered the national park.


at this point we was at Wiang Chet l on this map.

About 1o mins later, sweating like i have never sweated before we decided to dismount the bike and walk uphill the restof the way. Based on the map we saw earlier the waterfalls shoud be round the next bend. As we passed the sign indicating that the falls was at the next left, to tiered to do it for real , we looked at each other  and did a telepathic high five! we had arrived. yay!!!


We chained up the bikes and rushed to the falls, desperate to bath in the cooling waters

20150429_093715 20150429_093918

As we enter the site we become slightly disapointed that the waterfall is a little dry today mehhh, and there is not enough water to swim.

20150429_094137 20150429_094331 20150429_094508

We climbed to a spot where we could put our feet into the fresh waters and enjoeyed the peacful and traquility of the nature around us.


Suddenly  we notice 2 people walking along the top of the waterfall, and of course we want to get up there asap after 10mins unsusessfully hunting for the trail that will lead us to the top , we find a trail of sorts and decide to acesnd hoping that it leads to to the top …..

yessssss!! we guessed right the trail leads to the waterfall and beyond. here we see thai people chilling out, bathing in whta seems to be a well keep secret from us ” farangs” (Tourists)

Pictures below – The view from above

20150429_101756 20150429_101800

fter a lovely few hours at Hauy Kaew we decide we better head back before nightfall. On the way back we stop off for a few fruits smooties yummmm!

…..then our last stop is the Maya Mall that we passed on our way earlier that day. We take a peek about and check the cinema times for later,I must say the cinema is first class all the way, i have never seen such sophitcated and uposcale cinema before.


As we get to the top floor of the mall we get side tracked by the viewing terrace and its amaxing viewsover the city.20150429_114117 20150429_114039


This was a brillant day out. I can’t say that huay Keaw waterfallis  the best waterfall inthe world but adding ghe bike ride to it does make for a great day out. And foronly £1 each i call it a win, not to mention we got a great work out too. Next time i do this journey i will leave the falls a little later and stop of at the night market that was setting up as we rode past.


Back on the road we head home….another lovely day in Chiang Mai 🙂

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