Eatting my way through Chiang Mai – @ less than 80p per finger licking dish!

Chiang Mai and I 

I am very certain that I have left Chiang Mai much heavier than I was upon arrival. This isn’t such good thing, considering my next stop was to visit the numerous beaches of krabi;)  defo not beach ready but hey, you know what? it’s totally worth it! 🙂 🙂

Food appears to be a massive part of the Thai culture, and a main event of every evening. This is where my Journey begins……

DINNER TIME : Each day about 7/7.30, since the very first day in Chiang Mai, Fernando and I would meet my brother and Maya at the same spot. A place we call a”Aunties”


Aunty getting ready for her shift


This street food stall/ restaurant is located by Chiang Mai Gate, where every evening as of 5.30pm a food market appears……

Below top before 4.30  Bottom just After 5.3020150426_085654

20150425_112202………Why Aunties you may ask – and I would reply ” Mate, Aunty can thrown down in that wok of hers” There are 10 dishes to choose from, each one as delicious as the other however, my brother and I always have number (no. 10) garlic chicken & Rice. The price is per plate @ 35-40 Baht S/L,( less than a £1)  and there is drinking water free. or you ca bring your own drink.

I can not recommend Aunties enough, and I know I’m not the only one because it is packed every night with both Expats, locals and tourist.———————————————————————————————–

The  Evening Street Food Market Chiang Mai Gate – Another good dinner option and a great place to start your evenings.


 You can buy an array of dishes from mains to desserts , smoothies and salads. For us it was the perfect place to sample new things.

20150425_115431One thing we particularly liked was this desert type thing, which was basically rice flour with coconut milk inside ( 10 baht 19p for 4)

20150425_115850 20150425_115854  20150425_115909———————————————————————————————————–


Prapokklao Road ( near the Chiang Mai gate side) is usually where we brunch, at one of  two places. practically next door to one another

place number one, i dont know the name but it has a red british telephone box inside ( you can’t miss it) this establishment offers a small menu but quality food, and even better smoothies at the price od 30 baht (£0.60) per plate and the fresh fruit juices & smoothies from 20/30 baht. they also offer free wi-fi. The only downside is that the portions are a bit small and so moorish but, at 60p a plate you can afford more than one dish 😉20150428_083824

Khao Soi and fruit juices are my personal favorites. Khao soi, is a Burmese-influenced dish served widely in northern Laos and northern Thailand. Pictured in the bowl below.


Place two, also the name escapes me, is where we choose more often than not. We call this place “the Veggie” aptly named as it sells ONLY vegetarian food. I am a meat freak, with a passion however, the rich flavors and clever ways they play with veggie dishes here has won me over completely!!

20150430_065327 20150430_065334

How it works is basically there are a number of dishes to choose from, you can mix and match then the price depends on how many different thins you have selected – the base price is 25 baht ( 50p) and it will increase by 5 baht per sellection.e 3 portions of 3 different things will cost you -40 Baht ( 77p)  Also free drinking water here.

looks like meat taste like meat but it aint meat!!! it just blows my mind 🙂

Next up, the street drink sellers!

P1100099 20150501_081025 20150501_081126

pictured above: fruit juice truck selling Fernando his favorite, Sorrell drink (10 bat a cup).  i just love the handles they put on the drinks!


lunch continued …….Pic nic in the park

20150427_083627My Brother and his friend Maya arranged a pic nic in the park one afternoon. Before we set out we visited a number of food stalls, restaurants etc to cgether some of  the dishes we like best. Maya who almost always brought us something new to try each time we saw her, didnt fail on this occasion. some first for me was the papaya salad – now a fav Thai dish of mine together with the mangosteen fruit!. The dragon fruit, bright and exotic looking but quite bland to taste. all pictured below

20150427_080111 20150427_074535

The pierce de resistance was the Dorian fruit, or as i like to call it “dirty ass fruit” as that’s exactly what it smells like. I’m not exaggerating it smells so bad that it is forbidden to be brought into most hotels,guesthouses and hostels ……it does taste quite nice though.20150427_083546


Last but not least the Sunday Market( Link to other page) another perfect place to experiment and try all different dishes. this is the biggest market i have ever been to and a massive part of it is the food experience. Every few steps you will happen upon a food vendor and its impossible not to try it all 😉 my favorite part is where the market branches off into the Wat ( temple) where food stall tsit along the peramand chairs and tables are in the middle.

20150426_134220 gyoza (2)

It was here that i tired and fell I  love with Gayzo:a kind of Chinese dumpling, commonly eaten across Eastern, Central, Southern and Western Asia.  Pictured above.P1100086 P1100079 wat market colur shadow P1100080


Well as I have demonstrated you could easily just fill your days eating and eating in chiang mai, should you wish to. the fact that it’s so affordable made it easy for us to indulge and sample as many dishes as we could. Now having done so Thai food firmly sits in my top three cuisines after Caribbean food but before Indian:)


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