RAILEY EAST & WEST : Day 1 of – 5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable beaches

AO NANG ISLAND HOPPING :Day 1 of 5 days 5 different yet equally remarkable beaches

There isn’t much  to do in Ao Nang, Krabi. Its a great place for R&R, couples and family time and of courser ( beach/island hopping from one beautiful beach paradise to the other. this is exactly what we did for 5 out of the 10 days we spent in krabi. We could have easily spent all the 10 days Beach/island hopping but we choose to have some downtime too 🙂 As well as explore the other wonder gems that can be found more inland such as the Emerald pools, Blue lagoon and Hot springs.

DAY 1 of 5

It was our first day near the sea since we had the seat of on this adventure. so to say we was excited was an understatement :).Eager to get to the beach, we sit in silence, quickly gobbling down our breaki, once done rapidly pay our bill and rush to the coastline. Upon arrival at the boat ticket office we realised that we had no idea where we was actually going all we knew is that we was super excited to get there. We begin to feast our eyes the menu of places we can go. Thirsting for some beach action we devise a quick plan to just go down the list one by one each day, rather than spending hours deliberating. Tickets in hand we are notified by the sales assistant that we still need to wait untill there are 8 people who want to go before we can set sail boooooooo!. The wait though it was probably only 5/10mins felt like eternity but before we knew it, we was on a long tail boat Railay Beach Bound.

  • Journey time: Approximately 15 minutes
  • West Railay Beach – 100 THB/person (One-Way) or 200 THB/person (Two-Way)


We arrive ar the beach and much to our disappointment, even  though this Beach is advertised as one of the main and nicest beaches in Ao Nang area,  it was actually its the most under whelming beach of all the beaches that we visit over the next few days. The West Side, Pictured below which also is the side that we docked at, was nothing special really, sure it was nice ut nothing to write home about……

20150506_081826 20150506_081809

…….I know, i know, your probably looking at the pics above and thinking “is she smoking” its looks amazing but trust me, this isn’t my first time in Thailand, and I know as far as Thailand is concerned it can do better;)…..with this in mind we set out to see if Railay East will be more fascinating…

20150506_082100 20150506_082758

…..after a short walk ( pictured above) we arrive at Railay East – now we talking. 🙂 ok, it may not be a beach for sun bathing etc, nonetheless  its mangrove/ natural beach coastline made for a very interesting and scenic hike .

20150506_084350click images to see larger

20150506_08405120150506_08363420150506_08445420150506_083959At the end of the trail, is where you will found this really awesome bar. Here you can sit or lay over hung the sea and take in the spectacular views.

20150506_084758 20150506_084754


Many people choose to stay on Railay but, I can not for the life of me see why. It’s DIRTY!!!! actually I would go as far to say its disgusting. People just throw their rubbish into the swamp like waters baiscally using palce as a giant trash can YUK!! . I am not sure why there are absolutly no bins available, im sure this woudl cut down on the rubbish all over the page. i didnt see one restaurant that i would chance eating in, there is rubbish all over the place and therefore im sure it’s littered with rats NO THANKS – furthermore there just isn’t much choice of bars or restaurants in Railey. I think it makes for a great day trip or two but to staying there could be boring and like i said th beach is mediocre.  Ao Nang has a lot more going on and is only 10/15 min boat journey away


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