PHRA NANG CAVE BEACH: Day 2 of -5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable Krabi beaches

DAY  2 of 5

Phra Nang Cave Beach 

Having been slightly disappointed with Railay Beach, the day before, we set of on day 2 with our fingers & toes crossed that we will be pleasantly amazed by what we see today. I could feel Fernando losing faith in my 3 years of hyping the Thai Beaches – Back at the ticket office we go for the next beach on the Beach menu, which happens to be Phra Nang Cave beach located between Railay East and West on the peninsular.

  • 100 THB/person (One-Way) or 200 baht/person (Two-Way) if returning after 5pm its 150 THB one way.
  • Journey time: Approximately 15 minutes

PN BEACH map 2

pn beach

This time we were the 7th & 8th persons so it was straight on the boat. 10 mins later we were rocking up to a what was looking like very  promising start to the day:) “YES! now we are talking,” I think were Fernando’s words as we waded thorugh the water from the boat to the shore. Things were looking up, this beach was simply beautiful.


It had an alluring cave on one end, hence the name, that required you had to wade/ swim to. We later leaned that around 4pm ish the tide in low and you can just walk to it, over the sand.

20150506_105612 20150506_105753 20150506_10581320150506_10595820150506_110021

Pic above:Us leaving the cave on foot – just an 2 hours prior the sand you see above was totally under water

The rest of the beach consist of miles and miles of golden sand, lined with trees, perfect to pitch under and set up your ” camp”.20150506_092036 20150506_093329

Long tail boat shops ( pictured below) are a great touch, selling ice creams & lollies, beers and food! a variety of other snacks!


The Rock!!! ( pictured below) seems to attract a lot of attention. At first i thought whats all the hype it’s just bloody big rock, yes It most definalty makes the landscape look amazing but gawk and move on……but, at closer inspection it has a little beach on it. Sweet!. Again we learnt that as of 4pm the waters part and a path is revealed, which allows you to walk.

20150506_10115420150506_095726 20150506_101149


This beach is assessable from Railay East, which has just made Railay cool by association lol! 

Skip Railey east & west just come straight here.

Pics below the walk from to Railay East

20150506_091233 20150506_091342 20150506_091431


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