TUP ISLAND: Day 3of – 5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable Krabi beaches

Day 3 of 5

Tub Island – A pristine paradise

Having had such a lovely beach day and evening on PHRA NANG CAVE BEACH, we set out on day three buzzing! next on out list was tiny Tup Island. This was one beach we had been looking forward to going to from before we left the U.K


  • Journey time: Approximately 25 minutes
  • 300 THB/person (Two-Way) * an additional 50 THB will be added to this fee for the national park entrance fee.P1100245

HELLO PARADISE! i belive were my first thoughts once we stepped ashore. Now this beach was picture perfect , and this instantly became my favorite beach of all time 🙂 why? because…

1. of the pristine warm, blue sea & the white sand.

P1100240 P1100269 P1100230P1100292

2.The fishes, reefs that make for good snorkeling.


3. The piece de resistance —-The disappearing & reappearing sand banks that lead to 2 other islands.

tup island

When we arrived on Tup island access to the other islands was “closed” upon arrival, pictured below you can see that as the hours went by slowly the sea began to open up and the sand led the way to the two other islands P1100237 P1100275P1100275P1100283

* Tips*

  • Great for snorkeling so bring your gear! 
  • The island is tiny maybe 20 -30 meters long 10-15 meters wide,therefore its hard to find shade on the beach itself, there eis only a tiny amount for maybe 6 people beyond that you will have to seek sit on the rocks or bring a brolly with you. 
  • There is a tiny little shop on the island so maybe best to bring a few snacks a driinks with you,
  • Large tour groups arrive and leave every hour or so. It can becomes crowed at times and means you never really get any peace and quite or alone time.S0 make sure you steel a few moment between boat loads to take in the sheer beauty around you.

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