Snap shots of: 6 S.E Asian Public Sign’s that make me chuckle!

The fact this sign exist at tall can only mean that more than a few people have been caught using the toilets in such a manner …..errrrr! lol . It does bring into question why???? I mean really, even if I had never ever seen sucha contraption I think within a matter of 2-5 seconds I […]

SNAP SHOTS OF : Kuala Lumpur Baby!! – Exploring Kuala Lumpur on foot.- My best bits

On our way to Bali we decided to take a quick 4 night stop in Kualar Lumpur. Iwas there 3 years prior for 2 quick nights,  and i loved it, . I promised myself i would return someday to explore further, plus i really liked the shopping there. The , restaurants, shops, markets and malls offered […]

SNAP SHOTS OF: AM in the HOT SPRINGS, PM in the Enchanted EMERALD & BLUE POOLS – Krabi Thailand

Having spent numerous days exploring the paradise beaches/ Islands Ao nang had to offer, we decided to change it up a little and explore the inland wonders Krabi had to offer the place that sparked our interest the most was the Emerald and Blue Pools & Hotsrpings, that lay and hour and half away in the […]

2 Quality yet affordable eats in Ao Nang, Thailand.

Finding a quality yet reasonably priced meal in Ao Nang, is like looking for polar bear in a snowstorm. The endless  restaurants that line the main road and the beach font all seem to be selling low quality food, or poor attempts at excuses  my french “crap western dishes” that they are clearly not accustom […]

Review: Dream Garden – Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Dream Garden,  is a nice budget gem centrally on the Ao Nang Road, near the bars, shops, restaurants, and just a 5min walk to the beach. A great choice for couples, groups and families traveling on a budget. Dream Garden is a was a good find , however, it could have been a really great find, had […]

PODA ISLAND: Day 5 of – 5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable Krabi beaches

Day 5 Poda Island – The cast away Island 😉 We didn’t plan on this being our last beach day but shortly after this day i got a really bad case of heat rash so my beach days were over for a while. ….So we embark on day five, having missed the boat yesterday we are all […]