NOPPARAT THARA BEACH: Day 4 of 5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable Krabi beaches

DAY 4-

Nopparat Thara- One of Natures Natural Beauties  

Day 4, 1pm – and we literally missed the boat, to Poda Island that is 😦 boooo. Our only alternative was to rent a private boat which would exceed our daily travel budget, so that wasn’t an option worth considering as there was always tomorrow.We left the ticket office sulking. Not sure what do with our day we sat beach side in silence. After a while Fernando suggests we just stay where we are on Ao Nang beach, which was a decent suggestion, but as he said it we look around then at each other and we both knew Ao nanag Beach just wasn’t going to quench out thirst for a new jaw dropping beach to explore. Taking out the map we realise that there is another beach 1.5 kilometer walk away, on the other side of Ao Nanag, that we had totally over looked. We could see it in the distance and without any discussion we began walking towards it. at this point the beach had no name we refered to it as “the beach in the distance”

P1100320..We walk along the Ao nang beach side walkway ( pictured above) through some restaurants, past a private hotel beach OOpps! i think we took a wrong turn somewhere …..


……..We reach a dead end.( above)We stop for a quick phot shoot ( below) before we find our way back to the main roadP1100331P1100330

 Back on the main road  we follow it until we get to a bridge and a head off us we can see the beach. 


We arrive and notice there is maybe 1 meter of sand before the sea begins ( above). Not much room to set up camp,  we continue to walk further up seeking a spot for base camp. We abandon the beach itself to walk on the pathway beach side as there is more room. P1100343P1100342

After aprox 10 mins walking we notice that the far end of the beach appears to be more spacious. Fernando now sick and mostly tiered of walking puts up a mini protest to stay where we are, But I let him know that he is more than welcome to stop here however, I have a good feeling about the other end of the beach and that’s where I’ll going. Not wanting to abandon the mission at hand Fernando be begrudgingly  mans up and get on board with the plan and we keep walking.


we walked for what felt like hours along the narrow beach, probably more like 20 mins, we admire the sheer number of shells on the beach , and the amazing sand ball patterns, made by the tiny sand crabs ( below)


We also notice that the sand width gets much larger as I predicted ;0) below tadah!


Finally we reach the end of the beach and as predicted its gorgeous. So natural, spacious and I feel happily disconnected from the rest of the world. yeah baby!P1100386P1100385P1100403

Across from where we had set up camp, was another little island. And we noticed a few people were on it. we could only see one way to get there and that was by swimming there.P1100402P1100395

We too wanted to be on the little island but i didn’t want to wade/swim all the ay across that distance there we remember,  if we had learned something over the past few days it was that if you wait long enough, a magic sand path will appear. With that in mind we just chilaxed and enjoyed the beach till it was time.aprox 3.45pm  and  the path began to show itself. Still pretty high but we was eager to cross so we went for it! and other seem to follow suite ( below)


The water becomes more and more shallow as we walk/ wade along.


We make it across yay!!! let the exploration of  the “Forbidden island”commence 😉 i know, I know,I romanticize everything but it’s how I felt at the time 😉P1100432P1100460P1100454P1100450P1100458

 Before long we had to start making our way back home mehhh! – As you can see the sand bank wa almost fully formed by then..



To think had we not missed the boat we probably would have never taken the time to go to this beach. And that would have been a real shame. With that thought in mind we start making our way back home. ( pic below the start of the long, but lovely walk home)P1100480

*TIP *

If you don’t fancy walking it there and/or back just take a White Songthaew, a local public bus type thing  pictured below, back home for 20-50 THB depending on how far you are going/ coming (1)


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