PODA ISLAND: Day 5 of – 5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable Krabi beaches

Day 5

Poda Island – The cast away Island 😉

We didn’t plan on this being our last beach day but shortly after this day i got a really bad case of heat rash so my beach days were over for a while. ….So we embark on day five, having missed the boat yesterday we are all sorts of excited to get to Poda Island already. As we approach the ticket office they already know what we want and welcome us with smiles. before we now it we are a sail again this time Poda Island and bound whoop whoop!!!P1100313 P1100316

  • Journey time: Approximately 20 minutes
  • 300 THB/person (Two-Way) * an additional 50 THB will be added to this fee for the national park entrance fee

Poda Island ( the biggest one of the four pictured below


As we approach the island my heart sinks a tiny winy bit as the beach was heaving with overly excited tourist! We dis-embark and join in the madness for a second then make it our mission to find a nice quite spot somewhere.

P1100528 P1100523 P1100529

Most of the tourists are on the main part of the island and again in awe of a good dame rock in the sea ( above). and those that didn’t fancy the rock they spent the day under the tree ( weird) Below.P1100530 P1100531

Lucky for me this meant that we could explore the rest of the shoreline in peace;) ( pics below) and find a really nice spot to set up camp for the day.P1100540 P1100533 P1100534 P1100535 P1100537P1100542

a little after  10 min walk we found ‘the spot’.unlike the other side of the island which was your bog standard paradise beach, this side had a more unspoilt cast away vibe going on! which was the perfect back drop to a pretty much perfect beach day.P1100544 P1100563 P1100559


Dont stay on the crowed side, go explore! – but by 3.30pm start making your way back to the main part of the island, because the tide rises at lightling spped and if your not a strong swimmer you won’t make it back. HAPPY TRAVELS:)


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