2 Quality yet affordable eats in Ao Nang, Thailand.

Finding a quality yet reasonably priced meal in Ao Nang, is like looking for polar bear in a snowstorm. The endless  restaurants that line the main road and the beach font all seem to be selling low quality food, or poor attempts at excuses  my french “crap western dishes” that they are clearly not accustom to cooking. To top it off these shameful meals come at really high prices. ok, compared to london prices it’s still really cheap but, it’s still really expensive in comparison to what you get elsewhere in Thailand.

We found two exceptions during our 10 day stay in Ao Nang

1.Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant & 2. Nong Thai Kitchen

1.Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant download (2)

  • open 8.30 – 1400  & 17.00-21.00
  • average price per main dish  120 Baht £3
  • Tip* if you would like to eat here after 7pm you will need to book a table* yes! it’s that popular.


Aptly rated Ao Nangs number one restaurant on tripadvisopr,( by a land slide) This humble restaurant is  located just off on the main Ao Nang Road, in Leela valley. if your gong by foot its approx 20 min walk from the beach. we were lucky enough to be staying right next door for the first 4 days of our trip upon arrival you may thing how can this humble little restaurant be so good but don’t be fooled by appearances the food that exist that kitchen is BY FAR!!! he best Thai food i have had in my entire life! and a must dine if you are in this part of Thailand.

TA_IMG_20150506_141308_resized TA_IMG_20150506_141248_resized 20150508_054206 20150505_141202

Fernando and I  are convinced that there are little magical fairies in the kitchen whipping up these meals:). I have to give a shout out to all the here too. Every taff memeber is lovely, warm which makes your dinning experiane complete. I for sure will visit this restaurant time and time again whenever I am in Krabi!


2. Nong Thai Kitchen

The next best is yet another humble kitchen but locatedon the main strip pretty close to the beach, opposite Popeye’s guesthouse ,and next door to cucumber kitchen also a good cheap eat that also does take away:~)20150513_125602

  • open 9am -9pm
  • average price per main dish 90 – 120 £2-3

We walked past this small place everyday for like a week, until one day Fernando went to the shops and came home excited that he had found somewhere that could be potentially decent to eat. Yeap! he was right the food here is delicious real Thai food ,cooked with fresh ingredients, at a decent price.The food here feel like a real home cooked meal.P1100580 20150513_132459 20150513_125832The main waitress is soooo friendly, welcoming and rightfully very proud of the food they sell.  This became our everyday place to eat once we moved to the beach area.

* one more for luck*

Cucumber Kitchen –

  • open 10am-9pm
  • average price per dish 60 bht ( £1.50)

A great place for cheap eats. The food is not great but it is good and for the price you can not complain. Other than street food stalls we couldn’t find another place that matches these prices. They also do take away which is a plus and you know a place is good when locals and ex pats frequent it too.


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