SNAP SHOTS OF: AM in the HOT SPRINGS, PM in the Enchanted EMERALD & BLUE POOLS – Krabi Thailand

Having spent numerous days exploring the paradise beaches/ Islands Ao nang had to offer, we decided to change it up a little and explore the inland wonders Krabi had to offer the place that sparked our interest the most was the Emerald and Blue Pools & Hotsrpings, that lay and hour and half away in the middle of the jungle.

Getting there: We had 3 options, private driver, booking a day tour, or  renting a moped. neither of us wanting to drive, and hiring a driver was out of our budget so we had no alternative but to go on a day tour 😦 this is not my kinda thing, unless im traveling solo. I dislike the feeling of being herded around like mindless cattle. I like to try to  explore independently there’s something about the quest element of independent travel theta is exciting and unpredictable but, today not wanting to drive all that way we opted for the tour. It was ended up begin more like a shared transport  than a tour group in the end ( sweet!) the drier would take us all to the entrances, we would all agree a return time, and he left us to it. Perfect!P1100607

We arrive at the first Stop:


an hours drive and a short 10 min walk through the jungle  ……..P1100649 P1100650

Then Wala! you are bathing in the warm/hot thermal waters of  the Hot Springs. It was hard to believe how hot the water actually was, even tough it was cascading down rocks, trees and plants the water was clear and clean…..P1100626 P1100628

I could feel my Heat rash ridden skin taking in the minerals. It felt amazing!!! its recommended to not bath I the springs for longer than 20 mins P1100636

It can get crowed as tour, after tour, after tour arrives 😦 However, there are moments between tours when we had the Springs to ourselves.

P1100627 P1100646 P1100639

  Next stop:


20 mins drive away from the hot springs you will find the Emerald pools. When you arrive you have to take a 15 min hike through the jungle……

P1100661 P1100663 P1100664

When you have walked you 800 meters to the pools it’s actually to the entrance sign , after wich you still have a little walk to go. ( 5/10 min)

P1100666 P1100669 as along the walk you will across little bridges over a very green/ turquoise river, and along the deck marked trail you see little turquoise pools forming either side –  and you know that something pretty cool must lay ahead  😉 P1100673 P1100676


After a while you see a clearing ahead and there it is the before you lays ,what i like to call. The enchanting Emerald Pools – I call it enchanting because it simply magical to see nature doing its thing in such a way. these natural phenomenons will always amaze me.

P1100677 P1100681P1100729

We stop for a quick  dip to cool down before getting off on a further 20 min hike deeper into the jungle, in search of the Blue pools.


Next Stop:


This was a really enjoyable hike, were it not for the 40 degree hike w would have taken a few pit stops and de tours to explore a littler more. –


The Concrete trail is clearly marked – After 15 mins this trail ends and you are realised into the raw jungle. we encounter jungle crabs and all sorts of other animals  – as the crab caught me by surprise and gave me quite a fright i didn’t get a pic lol! I rather hurried along seeking sanctuary at the blue pools;)

P1100689 P1100691 P1100700P1100727P1100702P1100701

The pool was unexpectedly small yemesmerizingly beautiful.


The bluest blue i have ever seen. You can not swim in this pool as the ground is quick sand. Thee is a cool thing you can do tho. if you clap the water responds in bubbles, it’s very weird. Again enchanting. Felt like i was in a bedtime story.


We sit here for a while then head back for a long swim in the Emerald pool for a nice long swim, before heading back to krabi.


*Tips If you take a our be warned that you don’t get that much time in each place. But its defo a nie day out for everyone.*


2 thoughts on “SNAP SHOTS OF: AM in the HOT SPRINGS, PM in the Enchanted EMERALD & BLUE POOLS – Krabi Thailand

  1. Wow….Emerald pool, amazing.
    Maybe one day I’ll get there, but I’m not too sure about those crabs…..I’m scared…lol

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