SNAP SHOTS OF : Kuala Lumpur Baby!! – Exploring Kuala Lumpur on foot.- My best bits

On our way to Bali we decided to take a quick 4 night stop in Kualar Lumpur. Iwas there 3 years prior for 2 quick nights,  and i loved it, . I promised myself i would return someday to explore further, plus i really liked the shopping there. The , restaurants, shops, markets and malls offered in my opion a better quality product than that in Thailand, not to mention KL is a much more cleaner, and all round attractive than Bangkok.

Day 1 of  2 – Exploring KL On Foot.

China town – Central Market- Merdeka Square -KL Tower- Petron Towers – Bukit Bintang

I find the best way to get better acquainted with any city is to walk it’s streets. getting lost amongst he beauty and the kaos is half the fun.

first stop Petaling Street  Market


Chinatown like in any other major city is a tourist hotspot. Here you can find low-cost guesthouses and hostels ( as we did) also a well-known bargain hunter’s paradise.  At night, its main market area, Petaling Street, transforms into a lively and vibrant night market, filled with hundreds of stalls offering all kinds at reasonable prices of course it can be brought lower still as haggling is the way of life here.

20150515_135104 20150515_135436 20150515_135509

My happy purchase pictured below- The replacement of a purse i brought in the same market from the same vendor 3 years prior – yay!!!

Next up well everything, 🙂 walking from:

China town – Central Market- Merdeka Square -KL Tower- Petron Towers – Bukit Bintang

20150516_053405 20150516_053412

20150516_053718 20150516_054417

Above Central Market Below Meduka Square



20150516_064311 20150516_061331

Next up a long walk to the KL Tower

20150516_070007 20150516_071442 20150516_071634 20150516_082056

almost there

Finally we make it! YAY!!!20150516_071904

Next stop A walk to the Petrons Towers!!



Next Stop – A walk to Bukit Bintang!


Shopping malls, food on alan Alor Food Street- and way way to much drinks on  Changkat Bukit Bintang20150516_110248 20150516_105654

Below Jalan Alor Food Street20150516_112132 20150516_112603Our Day ended on Changkat BukitBintang –  which is basically a strip of bars and restaurants! – first we hit Happy hour then, home quick shower and change and hit the night life!!!  – We dont have any pictures of our night out on Changkat Bukit Bintang!! — What happens in  Chngkat stays in  Changkat;) ….good times!!

Day 2

was spent in bed reccoverying from the worst hangover ever- and also binge watching Scandel- however

Day 3 – Exploring KL by foot

day 3 was spent walking from Pasar Seni ( China Town) – Orchid Garden – Perdana Gardens – KL Sentral – China town.



after a strange yet engaing walk across the city ciyt under and over roads and trais tracks we arrive at  which is massive by the way. i wa expecting a normal size walking park- this was more like a small city.  It had Lake gardens, museums, Bird park, Orchid garden, and a whole ot more:)


stop 1 the orchid garden


Next stop was the Deer Park which sadly had one “deer” it resembled more of a rat on stilits …we moved swiftly on and found the park bit of the park 🙂

20150518_071722 20150518_071650



What a view !

There was alot more that we explored but  these were my fav bits:) i will defo go back to KL agai and again im sure as its my fav SE Asisan Capitol ……so far;)



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