Review: Raizzy’s Guesthouse, Kuala lumpur

Raizzy’s Guesthouse, is a highly rated tripadvisor Guesthouse, which is actually a hostel. and our humbel abode for our 3 night stay in KL. I chose it based on the high reviews but to be honest I was disappointed. Yes the location is very central, ( China Town)  making it an ideal location to explore the city and beyond. but,  it was a merely average stay at best nothing special at all.

we stayed the private rooms.  The first one smelled strongly of damp and after 24 hours of airing it wouldn’t shift, I assume this is because the private rooms have no external in windows so no fresh air can get in. We asked to move rooms wich we did and the room was ok but lots of marks on the walls, and again no ventilation.

 The showers and other facilitate are ok but the showers again due to poor design and lack of ventilation you get extremely  hot, so by the time you dry off you are sweating and feel like you need to shower all over again. There is also no privacy what so ever to get changed or take a number two – the fact the bathrooms are co-ed makes it even more difficult.


  • The Wifi was good.
  • The staff was friendly.
  • The location. – a few local bars and the night market is just on your door step. you can get the train or free bus to anywhere in the city.


  • cleanliness lacking
  • the private rooms are basic and not homely and confortable.- walls could do with a wash and a tv would be nice. most of the rooms have no natural light so getting fresh air is impossible.
  • not much social activities happening.
  • Slap dash type attitude of how the place is run and maintained.

All in all

great for young solo travels.

2.5 / 5 – I feel this hostel has had its heyday and if it want to compete with the other hostels that are out there today then i would recommend a few changes be made such as a little updating, better ventilation, a deep clean and a declutter  of the communal areas. Also maybe arrange a few events to encourage socializing, and update the information you have scatter all over the ways –  However saying all that this place is racking up some great reviews so i guess the clientele it attracts seems to be satisfied so, who am I to argue that 🙂



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