Snap shots of: 6 S.E Asian Public Sign’s that make me chuckle!

20150518_112626The fact this sign exist at tall can only mean that more than a few people have been caught using the toilets in such a manner …..errrrr! lol . It does bring into question why???? I mean really, even if I had never ever seen sucha contraption I think within a matter of 2-5 seconds I would be able to figure out how said contraption was to be used. At the very least I would seek the most comfortable way in which to use it.truley blows my mind.


Who forbides the sweet sounds of Butt music a.k.a farting lol!! love it!


hahahahaha !!! I mean really!! that made me actually laugh out load as I was takeing a pee.


I love that the this in particular just refer to us as “foreigners” in such a brash way hahaha I also love the way it comes across as if it’s talking to you in particular, and  therefore luring you to some mysteries place – if only it was usually its to the entrance where us ” foreigners” need to enter somewhere we its free for locals but not for us mere foreigners:)


I love that this shop is embracing the fact that their products are in no way shape or form a “genuinely unfake product”.  I didnt know something coubeit can not be anymore I think this one makes me chuckle the most! and my fav oxymoron:)


Ok not only is his the longest bar name ever, but im sure getting raided for unjdare age drinkers is also of no consequence hahaha – opps i forgot Its Bangkok, anything illegal or seedy is worn like a badge of honor.




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