SNAP SHOTS OF: The scenic landscapes, roads and paths of Nusa Lembondang & Nusa Ceningan

Traveling to Bali was more of an extended relaxing holiday segment of our S.E. Asia adventure. We had been there before and therefore done a lot of exploring however, we always like to discover a new place, or activity when re visiting somewhere. With this in mind we agreed to take at least a 4-7day […]

A Quick First Timers Guide To: Nusa Lembondang – The island of adventure and/or tranquility

Nusa Lembondamg is a tiny scenically beautiful Island,  located of the south-east coast of Bali. The island is much less developed than Bali, not yet spoilt by herds off  tourists, and therefore been able to maintain its stunning lush landscapes, culture, and a strong sence of family values and togetherness.  The way of life is still […]

Review: Grandmas Hotel – Legian, Bali – Queen of the budget Hotel

Grandmas was our home for our final weeks of 4 in Bali. I Like to call Grandmas,  Queen of the budget hotels. it’s ideally located at he intersection of Kuta and legian so cathing a ab in nevr an issue. in anay directon you will find bars restaurants, & shops. The Legian market is a […]

PnB’s recommend: 5 Quality yet affordable Eateries in Bali.

Food is a big part of traveling for us. Just because we are on a budget, it doesn’t mean we eat crap just because its cheap, we seek out good quality food at affordable prices. this part of our budget is something don’t take lightly. At the point of  saving up  we make sure, that we set […]

Review: Samsara Hotel, Bali ( A dimond in the rough)

Samsara Inn, is a diamond in the rough of Kuta. Samsara is a colonial boutique(ish) style hotel, with out the boutique hotel price tag. This adult only hotel is perfect for couples, girlie holidays or even a solo escape. located in the middle of kuta it’s sits  far enough away from the clubs, to avoid the […]

Unforgettable Sunset Beachwalks, Bali

An evening stroll along the beach, starting at Kuta, strolling past Legian, until we hit the fringes of Seminyak quickly became our daily tradition in Bail, and bar far one of my all time favorite things to do ever.  With every step i take the colours of the sky changes, the magnificent waves rise so […]