Unforgettable Sunset Beachwalks, Bali

An evening stroll along the beach, starting at Kuta, strolling past Legian, until we hit the fringes of Seminyak quickly became our daily tradition in Bail, and bar far one of my all time favorite things to do ever.  With every step i take the colours of the sky changes, the magnificent waves rise so high, crash so hard,  and then silently kiss the shore.  Amidst it all is where your find me.


It’s hard to not feel so small between the endless ocean and vast land on either side of me, and the never ending sky above me. Just like that all my troubles just fade away and i’m at complete peace. I’m free.


This sunset walk never gets old,  we gawk at the massive waves, we play amungst the colors of the sleepy sun, Some times we even walk in silence, taking it all in, comteplating, watchig others, …….


20150521_103552 20150521_104212

……..and eventually , almost unconsciously, we end up at the same bar – Chringuto.

.From here we sit back and drink in the enviroment around us. Slowly but surely the sun sets on yet another beautiful day in Bali,  and the moon rises over what will be another great night.

20150520_100520 20150520_103920 20150520_105951 P1100740 P1100742 20150521_112951 P1100748 P1100750

I don’t know when I’ll be back to Bali again, so  i can only hope  that these sunsets Walks permanently stains my memory and within these memories I aim to find peace, and remember what its feels like to be FREE.


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