The (Life flashing before my eyes) Journey To Nusa Lembondang

Travel journal extract – June 03/06/15

Traveling by boat today from Bali to Nuse Lembondan Island! was hands down the terrifying 50 mins of my life to date!!! I knew as soon as I rocked up to the “boat” that we was in trouble but, trying to keep my cool, and not panic Fernando,  I said nothing and followed the herd. Never again.

We board and the “boat” of nightmeres and the fun begins. Bouncing up and then downnnnn, upppp and then downnn – my stomach is doing back flips and not sticking the landing. Of course being hung over didn’t help at all. The engines are finally switched on, yay!! water starts to spray into the boat, on the righthand side, naturally almost everyone rushes to the opposite side of the boat to avoid getting wet! BIG MISTAKE .

Due to the sudden shift in weight the boast is now  swaying lefffffftttttt then right leffftttttttt then right, leffftttttttt then right, leffftttttttt then righ yet again. With every dip to the left I swear it’s the last dip before we completley capsize!!! My heat is now beating faster than Usain Bolt. I look over to my left to see if fern is shitting up himself as much as i am, and  he is as cool as a cucumber.  Not even flinching. You would think his reaction would calm me down right -NOPE! quite the opposite I start to freeak the F out.

Two orientlal girls in front of us, take my lead begin to panic too. They then started ordering people to move back to our  side of the boat.  After a few seconds we are all shouting,  frantically  yelling to the others to move back to the  right side of the boat – Meanwhile the boat crew are frantically pulling down these curtain like things on the sides of the boat to stop the water from coming in. Once done they finally chime in and ask the the boats balance is once again restored. But, by no means was the nightmare over.

Now the unbalanced scenario had been sorted my attention is drawn to how overly choppy the water is. I look over to the driver and as I do he abandons his seats, stands up and starts to man over the boat over the choppy sea. We are all over the place at this point. I close my eyes and hold on  for dear life and then it happens, I finally and totally lose my cool. I start venting to Fernando, who commands I shut up and calm down. He has been as cool as a cucumber but in that moment I realised that he is internally shitting bricks!!- i shut up, we grab each others hand, look straight ahead in silence. I guess it’s in gods hands now.

The boat now bouncing up and down whilst swaying left and right slowly takes it toll on the passengers, who one by one start vomiting over the side of the boat. I close my eyes and try to block it out, it works but i can feel last nights fifth beer trying to make a come back. I  start thinking about our exit plan as I’m sure this “boat” is going down. Looking around not a life vest insight, almost in tears I look at Fern, take a deep breath and just hold on tight. He says to me don’t worry we are almost there.

The ordeal goes on for further 20 more mins. Then suddenly the water mellows and we see land ahead. As we draw closer to the land I raise my head, before me is the most beautiful landscape I have seen in the past 3 months however, im way to traumatized to give a shit.

As we dock everyone begins to exhaule, sharing there need immediate need to get F*@k off the boa All I can manage to contribute is “I want a full mother F*@%king refund” there is no F*@cking way im getting back on that boat. My heart is racing and I’m trembling. We find a bit of shade and lay down.

below the boat on the left the boat we took back boat on the right the “boat” we took there( the nightmere boat)




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