A Quick First Timers Guide To: Nusa Lembondang – The island of adventure and/or tranquility

Nusa Lembondamg is a tiny scenically beautiful Island,  located of the south-east coast of Bali. The island is much less developed than Bali, not yet spoilt by herds off  tourists, and therefore been able to maintain its stunning lush landscapes, culture, and a strong sence of family values and togetherness.  The way of life is still very much back to basics  for example, Water and electricity though available it’s not at the ” normal standard ” – one night,  whilst at a restaurant, due to a power cut  we had our meal in the dark. The staff kept on serving , the kitchen keep expediting orders, and the band kept playing  untill they finished there set. Classic! was a great night out!  Hot showers, forget  about it. But  don’t be put off, for what Nusa L lacks in the modern comforts it more than makes for it in beauty, adventure, and it’s warm and welcoming locals – Nusa Lembondang, is officially one of my favorite places in the entire world! 20150603_031454Getting to Nusa Lembongan, can only be done by boat. There are multiple places in Bali, from which you can get a boat –  Sanur Beach, is the most popular.. The journey time is anywhere between 30 mns – 90 mins depending on what boat you take. *tip* go for a medium to big boat- at least 4 engines, or you may have a nightmare trip to Nusa L, as we did. Who will enjoy Nusa Lembondang  – This island a great place for everyone. Nusa Lembondang  is rich in culture, full of natural charm, and wildlife, ideal for Families, couples, and those seeking a break from the party scene, adventure and/or relaxation. The night life is pretty low-key however, they day time activities are plentiful.

Where to stay  

There are two main resorts to choose from Jungut Batu or Mushroom Bay. Jungut Batu – Located on the north-east side of the island and where we choose to stay. This small town is where your find the islands low-cost accommodations and therefore attracts predominantly , backpackers and surfer. The majority of the boasts services to and  from Bali, leave and arrive from here,so it just a short walk to your accommodation.

Pic below view over Jungut Batu click to see larger 20150601_064943

There are ample restaurants, cafes and  guesthouses  around town al within walkign distance as well as  a ” beach” which, is more  of a meeting place in the evenings, than a place you would go to swim and sun bath. locals and tourists alike  tend t find themselves heere in the evenings to watch the sunset, have a drink in one of the many beachside bars or restaurants. Others opt for a scenic strolls along the beach. Another poplur activity that takes place here some evening is kite flying. 20150531_071519 P1100883

*Tips* – PnB’s recommends: To Sleep – Kuba Nusa – See review

To Eat Lemmon Grass great food , live entertainment. ( pictured below)

Mushroom Bay is a smaller town then Jungut Batu, located southwest of Jungut Batu – its has small attractive and sheltered bay, and surrounded by more upscale hotels, resorts than Jungut Batu and you will find quite a few restaurants, and bars. 20150601_074652

What to do

man oh man there is to much to do.

  • Water sports  Galore!!!- water sport options are endless. You will also find these  mini water parks great for family fun!
  • Suba diving -tons of diving and snorkeling points you can go it alone or take one of the many tours
  • snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Beaches *tip* dream beach & Secret beach are our favorites by far
  • Mangroves – you can go it alone or you can take a tour.
  • Beaches – Dream beach, secret beach ,…..,….

PnB’s Must See / Do’s

  •  Explore and discover  the true Nusa lembondang by – Bike, hike and/ or motorbike.
  • Visit the neighbouring island of Nusa Ceningan. – by foot or motorbike! 
  • Devils Tear –  see the spectacular crashing waves and water plumes. 
  • Sunsets on  Jungut Batu beachfront. (pictured below)


Getting Around

There are no vehicles on the island besides the trucks that are operated by hotels and restaurants. There is no taxis or buses services so  your transport option are limited to either

Hike – bike Or Moped/motorbike

  The scenic landscapes roads and paths of Nusa Lembondang & Nusa Ceningan

The island is only approx 8km² in size so its perfect to hike or bike however we opted for the moped option and i would highly recommend it to everyone as it’s the best way  to really explore the island in its entirety.

Like us you maybe thinking no chance i see how they drive out there! but unlike the manic and kaotic Bali, this island is chilled. even though no driving licence is required to hire one, the driving is not manic. Most guest houses rent bikes at approx 70K ( £3.40)  per day. You just pay and gooooooo…We had a blast .P1100873

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