SNAP SHOTS OF: The scenic landscapes, roads and paths of Nusa Lembondang & Nusa Ceningan

Traveling to Bali was more of an extended relaxing holiday segment of our S.E. Asia adventure. We had been there before and therefore done a lot of exploring however, we always like to discover a new place, or activity when re visiting somewhere. With this in mind we agreed to take at least a 4-7day break from relaxing and spice it up with a little adventure. This time round we decided to travel to, two smaller islands located off te south-east cost of  Bali,  Nusa Lembondang & and his tiny neighbour Nusa Ceningans.

Day 1:  Nusa Lembondang 

Backpack filled with the usual map, snacks and water. Fernando takes the moped for a 1 min test drive ( it’s been a while) then we hit the road! First stop, Coffee, at this hill-top cafe. Apparently the best coffee on the Island ……the adventure begins.

P1100779On our way to get this amazing coffee we enter the forest, going up and up the hill with forest on each side, then suddenly the road opens up and on our right hand side we see this amazing view over – naturally we stop for a photo shoot.

  The view  over Jungutbatu

- View - Jungutbatu Nusa Lembondang


All smiles after a great cuppa coffee, we set of on the trail again .

The Seaweed farms

The women seem to do a lot of the manual labour type jobs here on the island. working the large seaweed farms  is one of those jobs the men take care of the kids and work in the shops , bars and restaurants.

20150601_090937 20150601_091158

The docks- unloading the import


everything appears to arrive by boat you name it , TV’s , fridges, materials and the women unload the boats and bring the merchandise to the shore, where the men then load the merchandise onto the little trucks and drive it to its location.


The Dream Beach & The Devils Tear

Devils Tear - Nusa Lembondang


The Sunset over Jungutbatu Beach

20150601_102356 20150601_103751 20150601_102402

This was probably the most peaceful moment of my life  – so beautiful. the perfect and to a perfect day.

Day 2: Nusa Ceningan

The first part of our day was spent looking for the god forsaken suspension bridge to that links the two islands …..

we spent hours zipping up and down the jungle roads

The many  Paths and roads between Nusa L & Nusa C

The Suspension bridge.


we fint it, after hours of riding around. at least we can say we have seen every inch of this lush island.


The secret Beach – A  beautiful well kept secret.

Hard to find but worth the journey.


The Seaweed Farms 


The Live stock

P1100825 P1100854

The Road back Home –

cruising along the roads while the sun sets on yet another fantastic day.




We didnt realy know what to we would find In nusa L & Nusa C – but i am happy to add these two tiny islands to my top 10 places on the planet – that i have visited.


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