Barcelona – The Outdoor Art Gallery.

Taking a stroll along the long yellow beaches, through the quaint streets, within the inner city parks,  and along the vast avenues of Barcelona, has become one of my favorite pass times. Whilst strolling along I have noticed one thing these distinctive cityscapes have in common, Art. Barcelona is an Outdoor Art Gallery/ Outdoor art is everywhere in this city, from sculptures, to installation art,  to performance art, to the layer of incredible ever-changing street art and of course the stunning architecture is the cherry on top.

Of all the art on display its the street art ( graffiti) that really does it for me. I think it becasue it reflects a true personal connection between the person/  the artist,   and their city /surroundings . I also enjoy the fact that the street art is an acceptable and encouraged art form here, and of the many layers of history that this city is made up of , The Street art layer is representative of this time, right now. This contrast betweent hen then and right now is best seen in the gothic quarter…..a true clash of worlds decades apart but they sit so comfortably together.

I have started to gather photos of these pieces of art and plan to keep adding to this gallery throughout my time here  so this is the first collection

Barcelona –



Collection  – June 2015 til December 2015 ( CLICK  ON IMAGES TO SEE LARGER)





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