7 Fun Things I Enjoy Doing In Barcelona For Free :)

Barcelona, offers a great summer programmes of event and activities for all,m and its free. Yes you heard right,  for FREE. I for one have been trying to get round to as many of them as possible, and I have been pleasantly  surprised at the high quality and turn out to these events, that have become  a large part of my summer not to mentioned saved me tons of Euro’s

My top 7 Free Events 

1. Open Air cinema Barceloneta Beach.

There are a quite a few Open Air cinemas dotted all over the citY during the summer  months. Barceloneta Beach is  literally my back yard , ad therefore the one  I frequent the most.


Tons of people flock to the beach,on  Sundays and Thursdays, to chilax and watch a movie. Films are shown in english with spanish subtitles or with english subtitles if its spanish movie. Films start around 10pm but best get there 8.30/9pm to get a good space. All you need is a blanket , some snacks and drinks should you choose to bring  it, sit back and enjoy the movie.


2. Beach meet up  parties

On the weekends if we don’t fancy a big night out then you will find us down the beach, around 10ish, at an international meet up.  If you haven’t heard of meet up it n online social website where individuals organise meet up events of all kinds, open to all, both locals, expats and those on holiday in almost every city in the World. It’ a great oppertunity to meet people especially if like me you are new in town.


IMG-20150823-WA0008 20150623_223821


There are usually between 50-100 people there from all over the world. All you need to  do is bring your poison, mix and mingle. this particular group gathers in front of  the clubs along the beach front, a few mins walk away from Port Olympic making it the ideal location to pre drink then go to the near by clubs or like others mingle then go clubbing with your new buddies, or  chilax, and converse until the sun comes up. Either way its  a good time.

3. Museums Sunday’s:

Every first sunday of the month, a vast majority of the Museums in Barcelona are free all day. In addition to this there are particular museums that are free every sunday after 3pm, with the exception of the National Museum of Catalan Art, which is free every  Saturday after 3pm.

So far I have been to 3 and I plan on visiting  lot more.

4. Fiestas/festivals

There are numerous fiestas throughout the year however, during the summer months 2 of the biggest fiestas are celebrated – The fiesta de sant Juan and Fiesta Mayor de Gracia. These Fiestas/festivals are basically massive street parties for all the family, all day and all night. some fiestas are a week long others are a day or two long.

20150623_222450 20150623_232323

Pics above: the busy streets on the fiesta de sant Juan

These parties are full of community spirit, togetherness and of course are absolutely free to attend. You will find stages with concerts, djs and an array of  other traditional activities. Many people bring their own drink but there are many supermarkets, bars and food to keep you going.

Pics above: FIesta Mayor de Gracia – the best party ever! 

5. Picnics & Concerts in the park &/or on the beach

The summer music in the park programme put on by the council something i really enjoy. So far i have been one classical concert on the beach ……


……..and various jazz, and classical concerts in my local park ciudatella pic below

The concerts are a chilled way to spend the evening,, and usually take place between 8-10pm.  we try to Make an evening of it and bring some drinks and snacks and chill out.

6. The Magic Fountain – or as I like to call it The Dancing Fountain

show time thur- sunday 9-11pm on the hour and half hour. During the summer months it can be too busy 😦 …….I ill return gin after summer.


7. Markets –

Tons of market of all kinds, can be found all over the city any day of the week – food markets, second-hand markets, handcrafts and antiques, you name it they got it.

There you have it, some great thing to do in Barcelona – enjoy:)


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