Barcelona (BCN)-The 24hr Summer Beach City.

The Barcelona coastline is constantly changing with a never-ending buzz, and constant flow of people.  Each part of the day seems to attract a different type of activity and therefore persons, and best of all the beach never ever closes!. The 7 Beaches are primarily used a leisure/social venue where people or all ages, both  locals and tourists,  gather to hang out and enjoy a variety of activities, other than the usual sunbathing and romantic strolls. I find it fascinating the way in which people have decided to use this free public space, and make it an integral part of the city scape. The councils have also done their part by making sure it’s 24 hour user-friendly, by providing great lighting, activities,  bathrooms/changing rooms, lockers, free wifi, tons of seating and it is kept extremely clean


Beach Life in A day 

The 24hr Cycle

The variety of activites that take place on the beaches determine how the beach is used throughout the day.

Day time down by the Beach

As you would expect holiday makers and locals alike hit the beaches to sun tan it up, eat and drink  in the many chriguitos, and relax. In addition to this many people come to paddle board, surf, sail,  and/or skateboard Rollerblade and bike ride along the long scenic promenade.

downloadMarbella & Sant Sebastian Beach attract the nudist 😉 Strolling along the promenade you are likely to see all sorts flopping all over the place. Or a fav of mine two grown men stark naked just catching up on the footie! Locals don’t even blink but I am still slowly adjusting to this.

Click pictures to view larger

St Miquel Beach / Plaza – On weekend as of 11 am  you will find this place buzzing, Bands playing music, whilst people dance others chose to browse through the vintage market of  food stalls near by…….. I live a 2min walk from here and can say its the perfect place to wake up and jump right into the action on weekend.

Evening time on the beach

  • Barceloneta Beach 

By the early evening the hardcore sunbathers hold out to catch the last of the sun, whilst the not so hard-core leave and are replaced by the evening beach lovers who slowly start filling up the many beach side restaurants or the beach itself. Groups of girls and guys armed with pizza and beers, and families armed with coolers set up there little shindig on the beach. The “beer Guys” as we call them are also in the mix , well actually they are the one constant throughout the day. No matter what time of day you will be able to buy a 1 euro beer.


Sports, Events & activities:  as well as the beach being a social venue it’s also a place where many come to enjoy sports and a activities. a lot of which are free – , whether it be volley ball, beach football, paddle boarding and swimming, cycling, roller blading, skate boarding   a concert or Movie you will find it all here at the beach.

  • Baceloneta Beach/Sant Miquel Plaza – SWING Dancing! is a weekly thing and I was so surprised as to how many people just let loose and dance , for hours. It’s really something to see.20150619_201335
  • Sant Miquel Beach & Sant Sebastian beach – Free open air cinema & concerts20150726_202529


  • Icaira, Barceloneta  & Bogatell Beach  – The volleyball beaches. Icaria having the most nets we actually call it the volleyball; beach. From 7ish till 10pm groups of people come here to play play play. next summer I think I will make this my summer 20150923_163939

Night Time on the beach

On the weekends ,well in summer any night the beach takes a totally different shape – as the evening bunch leave (or stay) and the night crawlers arrive this basically consist of those that have come to PARTY!!

  •  Barceloneta beach, is where many of the Barcelona night clubs are and on the beach in front of said clubs is the saturday night place to meet and hang out, pre drink or spend the night mixing a mingling. The Music from the clubs fill the airs and as if following the piped pipers song, people are drawn to this end of the beach …


you can even find people still playing sports of people, but the majority come to drink drink

Early hours in the morning on the beach 

At end of every day a new days begins, and its starts with the sunrise. For some the suns arrival is the a becaon to start making their way home but, for others it’s a opportunity to sit and take in the beginning of another a day .

20150823_072359 (2)

Barceloneta Beach- 7am

 Then before you know it the whole thing start all over again

9.30am Marbella Beach, Barcelona

9.30am Marbella Beach, Barcelona



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