5 Weird yet Wonderful observations about Barcelona

1. I love that there is “no living for the weekend”  everyday counts and in fact the weekends are more of a family and social time for all to enjoy. Supermarkets and other such things are closed or close early. But , what  i find weird and wonderful is that the best club nights are on school nights. Sunday, Monday Tuesday & Thursdays. Saturday and Friday, are just blah days no one is waiting for those two magical days to let loose, they make the most of all day everyday. National holidays often fall mid week (no need for long weekends here) and many of the festivals (bank holidays) are a  week long affair, that run all day and all night so, no matter what your work time-table is, everyone can take part should they choose to .

 2. Kids out past curfew -It’s never to late to have your kid out partying along side you in a fiesta orno curfew watching what is clearly an over 18 movie alongside you in the open air cinema at midnight i may add…..this is weird for shizzel, but, I do like the fact that its not frowned upon by others (except maybe us brits and a swiss friend of mine couldn’t believe her eyes) none the less it wonderful that parents  can still come out and enjoy themselves. I mean just because you have kids it shouldn’t mean that your life is now over, and here they seems to fully embrace that which means parents can still have a social life.

3. Life is just in a different time schedule – I am still gettilate night dinnerng used to the late night eating but to be honest no matter how much I try to stick to my usual UK pattern, Its just doesn’t work or fit in with how time is distributed here. I find it better to stop resisting and let go. Spanish T.V  also another late starter,  anything remotely good starts  after 10.30 pm, which is the prime TV spot where as in the UK we are usually getting ready for bed at that time. furthermore,work starts at strange hours too, I would say 10 am on average but, it’s staggered from 8-11 start times depending on business type. Horrible if you want to plan your day but great in regards to the fact that there is  is no real rush hour period and you hae a chance to actually enjoy your evenings as you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn.

late night kitchen

4. Money isn’t everything – I don’t feel that money, money, money vibe here as much as I do in many other countries and mayor cities. I love that in Barcelona, small business owners are able to flourish and are not pushed out but big mas producing corporations. A good example would be the bicycle business. In London, we have the Barclay’s bikes, in Barcelona there is an equivalent however, it’s for residents only  (so a NiE or DNI number is needed before you can sign up) and there is a one year flat fee you pay up front therefore, almost forcing “tourists” to hire bikes and other wonderful vehicles from the smaller business. Everyone wins.  Another example is that there are not a lot of chain shops, restaurants or coffee shops. This is something i find soooooo refreshing, a city scape that is not littered with generic  commercialmoney isnt everything trappings and the price tags that come along with them.

people here are not always trying to up sale things to you either, actually it’s quite the opposite I.e the other day I went to get my laptop fixed, we tried three different shops and the staff in each store of these small business, tried their best to do as much as they could to avoid us having to pay for a full diagnosis. They quickly established it not worth fixing and I asked if they would extract my data from the old computer and the guy was like ” look, if I do it, it will set you back 50 euro however, i can show you what you how to do it and you can just buy the gadget needed for 10 euro ….REALLY!!! in London this would not happen. They will take the secret to the grave together with your 50 euro lol! – this is weird to me because in all fairness , how on earth could you make a profit doing business this way.??? I love non money grabbing vibe, but business is business at the end of the day.

5. Where are all the houses?? – there are no houses here its all apartments, which for me, coming from London, is weird. The reason why i think its weird yet wonderful is because i think this co habituating , which is what it is, does build a better sense of togetherness, higher  tolerance of one another and a sense of community.  In a lot of areas.


Well there you have it those are just a few of the weird yet wonderful things I have encountered do far….. i’m sure there will be another addition to this as time goes by . So till next time stay weird yet wonderful 😉


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