Feeling a little home sick – 5 Things I Miss Most From Home

Of Course It goes without saying that I miss my mates, family etc. This list isn´t about those types of things, it more about the everyday things that i “took for granted”at home, things that i didn´t even realize were things i cherised at all ……

1. A decent cuppa tea!!! man oh man i had no idea how much i actually love my cuppa tea until i arrived in the land that worshiped coffee. I have finally found one (chain) shop that stocks proper English tea, at a relevantly decent price but friends hear my plea please send me some faking tea 🙂british-tea

2. Sausages,  who knew,the sausages back home are unique. Here in Barcelona there are tons of sausages that come in many flavors shapes and sizes none the less Sausagethere are no sausage like those from home……meeeehhhhh i truly miss a sausages and bacon sandwich and i can t not complete my English breaki with out them…friends hear my plea send my some Faking sausages pleaseeee 🙂

3.Decent TV, I am not really an avid tv watcher. Yes, i watch a lot of shows but im not one to sit a flick through the channels´. However, i did like the fact that that it was an option. I’m sorry to say Spain, except for a few shows that are actually pretty genius,  your TV set up is strange and awfully unentertaining 😦 Freeview-UK-TV1

4. Bureaucratic order and efficient service – is something i miss deeply don’t get me wrong every country has silly rules , processes and a lot of red tape but bloody nora,  at least in my home land there is a some sense to the order and organisation of it all.  and though it may not seem like it trust me things back home just get done, efficiantly, relatively quite quickly and painlessly. This is something i have grown to realize is not universal standard:( Anything and everything  you need to do will either take forever or will be painfully complicated for no real good reason. And don´t get me started on the weekends and or the month of august! if you plan to get things done during that thime well forget about it it aint gona happen. everything is closed. Which sucks as i,m flat searching at the mo and the only time i have is on a weekends to view apartments but guess what alllll estate agents are closed eeejhhhh. red-tape-slider-735x490

5.  BANTER!! – and saving the best for last, banter!!! ahh man a little banter can go a long way, i miss the quick wit of the bbanter_zpsfc29f12erits. Banter just doesn’t seem to go down well here, there is another form of banter but its just not the same  mehhhh friends hear my plea Faking come visit 


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