Month 6- Tansitioning From the “inbetween” to The Land Of The REAL

The last few months have been crazy busy. As the summer fun road drew to an end we began a new journey into the Land of the real. First stop was job searching ….which quickly turned into getting jobs….thenstarting the jobs …which  lead to the New home search …and now we have found the new abode which has now lead us to the move, that will commence tocay….time really flies when your to busy to even think about having fun.


workSo as you can see its been a real transition period both at home and work. I started working umm maybe 2 months ago now, and so far its all good. of course im still in settling phase and getting a handle of the 101 jobs i have to do, and all in Spanish may i add, but im getting there. The staff and the environment itself is pretty sweet, unfortunately the work load is CRAZY!!!!! so i haven’t really had time for much else. Now the first 2 months is out the way i feel a lot more confident and comfortable  so I can at least start to claw back a little  me time and me and you time ( blogging)

Fernando is a happy bunny, he started working in September, unlike me he was itching to go back so we devoted our joint efforts to find him the perfect place , and after a lot of interviews and trials he finally found the one that fits. He is happy as larry with is new work crew, they have formed a nice bond, they go out for drinks, play footie on Sundays and to be honest it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see him happy and never ever ever was this settled during our 12 years in London. So, even if we moved here only to achieve a little bit of peace of mind and happiness for him then it has all been totally worth it.


Like i mentioned , as our current residence was  only a temporary stop whilst we dipped our toes into the pool of possibilities. As all seems to be going well now the jobs are under wraps we have decided to move to a bigger and more permanent place….the search has been BRUTAL!! the process of countless hours searching, booking viewings , then when you find a place your on trial not the flat. The owner need to see your work contract etc and then approve you and then there is a negotiation phase ……then finally the signing phase. To be honest by the end of it all I woudl have settled for a tent.


The new Place is a lovely 2 bedroom flat,  in an area close to where I work and about a 30 min walk from where we currently live in a place called LLacuna & Poble nou. it’s a charming part of the city where there are lots of modern buildings as well as renovated industrial buildings, tree-lined streets , with a lovely long rambles full of eateries, cafes and bars ….Unlike Barcelonetta , there isn’t that pueblo (small town) feel to it.  This is something i will miss,  i really like the vibe of my current community, but on the other had the noise, the close proximity of all the flat, lend to little privacy , we are all practically live together….all my neighbours must have seen me naked at least once …cos i have seen them lol!

So, yeah i.

I’m really pleased with the new place …now i guess we just have the stress of actually moving mehhhhhh something i hoped to do before Xmas, but due to a cock up witht he transportation of my stuff from London we are 2 weeks behind schedule.


FRIENDSBillyNoMates2 -ummmm i have made a few “buddies”  but not really friends friends, you know. I mean i’m sure these things take time, giving that i have known my real fiends for donkeys years. I guess i’ll keep socializing and hopefully 1 or 2 will stick. I do miss my  Friends, that one of the biggest struggles begin away from people who not only know the real you ,  but also not having people around that actually give a shit that you are breathing is tough. I can only imagine how Fernando was feeling over all those years…well at least he had my massive family that he has know all his life but, here i have NO ONE. Most days im to busy to even notice, but at times i do feel totally alone but not lonely if that makes sense. Of course doesn’t help that it is  Christmas time  and everyone around me is  with family and friends whilst fern and I , well we are alone. But i guess on the bright side we always have and always will have each other so im blessed


land of the real

so yeah that’s life , its been real, lots happening lots of progress and changes but all for the good. Real life here seems to be shaping u to be a pretty sweet one.The weather is amazing, I still eat my lunch outdoors each day, in December can you believe it!!! We are slowly getting used to the way of life here but everyday you learn something new. It still doesn’t feel like home but it does feel much less like holiday. Most importantly it does feel  like the place we  supposed to be at his moment in time. We still love the city and have sooooo much more adventures and exploring to do…I plan to work hard through the winter, and as of Spring I plan to put my adventures hat back on and get back out there starting with exploring the northern regions of Spain, taking a few hiking trips and then see where the rest of 2016 takes me


So till then i wish you all a very merry Xams and an amazing 2016! 




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