I recently learnt that – VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE – quick trip to London

I was lucky enough to spend the three days leading up to christmas in London. This was a last minute visit, to arrange the shipment of a few of my boxes to be sent over to Barcelona, that rapidly turned into an amazing 3 days  with friends ( i miss so much) and experiencing London as a visitor for the first time , well since i was a kid.

As a visitor In London i realized that London is fringing AWESOME!!!! this shocked me because my when i was living there i spent so much of the time moaning about it but,  as a visitor it’s was mind-blowingly AWESOME!!!!The main reason why is enjoyed it to so much was down to the Shear variety it has to offer, in almost all  things, from the mixture of diverse cultures, to shopping, entertainment and lets not forget food options.

sore thumb

Not sticking out like a sore thumb – I must admit it felt hella good to surrounded by people of all colors, all day everyday. It´s a beautiful thing to see all these millions of colours & cultures rushing about and no awkwardness, no staring, no feeling selfaware or made to feel self aware with every single step you take. You  just ease on down the road feeling SAWEET! I mean no one has the time of day to truly be bothered by your existence as they are to busy or too self involved to care. I felt great,  there was a moment when Myself a friend and her daughter were sat in Nando´s ( just like we used to do) and i took a look around  and it was a totally mixed environment  and i think i was the only one that noticed. Everyone was just enjoying themselves doing their thing ….. i hadn’t seen this in such a thing in 6 months and it made me feel good to know that at least is there one place on earth where i won´t feel like a foreigner and i hope tat others feel the same way. 

Food Glorious Fooood!!!!!
Ok besides race thing there are a lot of other things on offer i.e food choices.  Man oh man oh man! it was like i died and went to food choice heaven! I didn’t realize how much choice i had until i no longer had any ( thanks Barcelona) Don´t get me wrong Barcelona offers “choices”  but in my opinion its just a lot of the same thing where are in London has a lot of everything. You literally have the choice of any cuisine, any day, almost anytime, anywhere – you dont have to go miles to find it its all on your door step or at the very least a phone call away, and I miss that. Needless to say i took full advantage, In 3 days i had Chinese, Indian, Nandos ( you gotta have a Nandos) Dominos Pizza and Pub dinner, and a CAfe full english breaki!! yeahhhhh boiiiii!!


Shopping –  I am not a fan of “shopping” per say however, it was xmas so i had quite a bit to buy, and i was in the right place. There are endless amounts of shops in London as we all know but what think makes shopping in London unique is the product range on offer and the price ranges on offer. London offers various price ranges  allowing most people to be able to buy something new and giving the impression that the consumer has been considered , no matter what their budget. i.e you are offered the following 4 option


Cheap as hell, cheap, mid, High and extremely high. and a fifth that only applies to like 1% so……anywho,  most of the price option basically offer the same product type while the difference is the quality of the product ( you get what you pay for basically ) Which i think is great, not every one has 200 quid to send on say  on a pair of boots so there is boot for 17 quid … here in Barcelona if you don´t have 200 quid then i guess your rocking sandals in winter ( no spice)

Places to go & things to do and see-  London will take many trips before you have tapped into the all the different things you can do , places you can go, and even if it was just limited to Bars,cafes, parks, Museums, Theater and restaurants, different areas have different vibes and different takes one similar things and also offer a totally new thing. Albeit a very expensive place to enjoy all the entertainment on offer.

I totally get the phrase now that variety is the spice of life, it really is, for those three days i felt like i had the world at my finger tips. I never really liked living in London but for as long as i live i will always enjoy visiting London I am proud to be Londoner, and it by far in my opinion is the best city on the


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