2016 Travel Plans

To be very honest i have no idea as to where 2016 will lead me. Since 2012 i have been on the go, basically non stop travel and adventure over 5 outta 7 continents, not to mention the fact to that i actually moved country very recently and therefore have had no time even contemplate about future travel as i really wanted to be in the moment you know.quote-Jennifer-Aniston-i-always-say-dont-make-plans-make-60557

So, i have decided that this year I will take a more spontaneous and go with the flow approach to my adventures and see where it takes me 🙂 ………this is quite exciting i truly have no clue where i would have been and the things i would have seen by the en of the year but, i am super excited. Of course I am a lover of the world and travel so there are a few places i want to see, and adventures i would like to have this year, such as:

Northern Coast Spain Adventure

Ideally i would love to fit in a 21 day backpacking trip, discovering the northern provinces of Spain. Realistically i will need to separate it into a series of smaller trips. In particular i really want to visit  A C

  • Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • San Sebastian
  • Bilbao
  • Asturias & Cantabria
  • Lots of hiking, Lakes, quaint city sight seeing and natrual beaches beaches……

Catalunya Express Expedition 

Being that i live in this province its only polite to get to know it a little more:)  So,  as of march ish to october  i will take a trip once a month to somewhere in the region and see what out there.

catalonia edited

  • Netherlands – , Rotterdam

Visit my dear friend Adiam, in here home town, Rotterdam. I have never been to this Rotterdam so it will be a pretty sweet trip:)

  • Morocco  Fez & Meknes

Visit a friend of mine Tarah,  who will be studying a semester in Morroco, i have been before and i i have wanted to go back so i will 🙂 .

Possible far and away trip – if i can afford it this years far and away trip  will be one of the following:

Caribbean – sun sea and cocktails

15 days Grenada, to  visit my mummy)


China – big city living 

10 days – Shanghi ( visit bro for my birthday)


USA – all american christmas

8 days  –  Georgia ( visit my sister,niece & nephew for Christmas & New Years  )


So there we have it, Now I just need to sit back and chilax and see where me my passport and my backpack end up this year 🙂








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