Im back :) Sorry I have been away so long .. Life got in the way.

Hi there,

This is just a quick post to say IM BACK!!! and it feel pretty dame good. The past 2 months have been, lets say ,complicated. I have been on a totally different adventure of late.

I would say the main headline was my relationship break down 😦 mehhh , yes after almost 20 years Fernando and I have decided that this train has reached the end of the line. It has been devastating time in my lif,e to say the very least. but with the help of great friends and family, I am now feeling positive about life and  even though i´m  shitting my pants i am equally excited to see what life has in store for me next …..Here goes……

First order of business is to find a new job,  Yes, sadly my within 5 weeks I will be jobless 😦 Ironically  I quit my job earlier in the year for my relationship. Don´t judge me  – The idea was, we could finally start our life together, a family  and I could start start my own busniess….. life took a detour on my ass and i now find myself  in a unexspected place where everything is new……

….New job, New apartment and  loads of New adventures to come… NEXT STOP ROTTADAM & AMSTERDAM.. and hopefully this summer & Autum ..

  • 10 day Road trip visiting the north of spain – with my buddy Franky!
  • Visiting friends in Morroco –
  • Vietnam expepedition,
  • Horse Riding holiday in Mallorca 🙂
  • And I will totally get swept away by summer fun that Barcelona has to offer!

I hope i manage to get around to all of this but for right now i am just taking on one NEW at a time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Im back :) Sorry I have been away so long .. Life got in the way.

  1. Congratulations Bianca, I’m happy for you, a fresh start is a rare opportunity, your absolutely free to do whatever makes YOU! happy…What a blessing!
    Yes, I’m sorry about the pain you had to go through emotionally, but trust me, it will work itself out in your favor….. everything happens for a reason and it will all come clear to you soon, you’ll see ( you know I know….smh )
    We’ll Good Luck Bianca, keep your faith and this will be the start of something fabulous, your so brave, I’m very proud of you little sister, your so true to yourself, you’ve accomplished so much and you’ve got so many more new exciting adventures to come. I’ll be waiting to hear all about them, love you x

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