The Retreat! – a.k,a The Girlie Wkend! – Tales from Rottadam (Part 1)

Last month I took my first trip of 2016, to Rottadam & Amsterdam. What started off as a simple visit to see a friend , quickly turned into an unexspected new type of mini adventure for me – The “girlie weekend”.  I had never been on a “girlie” break before. I guess because i have never really been that “girlie”. That being said I may have finally found my inner girlie side and i have no plans to let it go, plus I am very sure this will be the first of many to come , with this bunch anyways.

This mini adventure all came about a few month months agao when my mate Adiam, was visiting me here in BCN, for sitiges carnival. During her visit some mutual friends, who were also visiting, introduced us to the lovely Irish beauty that is Adele :). We all hit it off , and within 2 weeks of everyone returning back home we had booked up to go visit Adiam, in Rottadam. Adiam then invited her best friend Bahar, to fly in from Munich to join us and basically these 4 somewhat strangers set off on a mini adventure / “Girlie” break…..

Rot am

Right to left: Adele, Bahar, Adiam, me

Part 1 – The Rottadam Retreat 🙂

Rottadam, I arrive the airport which is so small it takes me a total of 3 mins max to walk out  of the airplane, out of the airport and onto the bus that wiil take me into town ( nice! why arent all airport like this) .  Taking in my surroundings as I ride along I remember thinking this place has a surbuan London vibe to it. Same type of layout shops, under flats grey skys, shops offereing things at normal prices,  and my faverite, part the multi cultrual oasis. however, It may have looked the same but there was something very different about the vibe. I just couldnt put my finger on it at that moment. ….. Back to reality I arrive Rottadam central. I quickly check my phone before i get off the bus, to follow the next set of instrcutions Adiam had sent me the night before, and as i walk towards the Startbucks, and I see Both Adiam and Adele sitting there! let the games begin!

Girlie time – We take the metro a few stops to,…… then  short walk  and we are at casa Adiam a.k.a the retreat 🙂 We  do the customery house tour before heading to the balcony were we remain for the rest of the day.

No more than 2 beers  and 3 cigarettes in and we are now in full swing of  catching up and sharing stories of Love & Life, ….. then a few more ciagrettes and beers down the line shit gets real! and we find ourselves being totally honest about who we are, the good, the bad, the ugly.  Now,  it is at this point I begin to panic, as i am not great at sharing my true feelings at the best of times  but,  as listened I also just thought fuck it and began to share too future…it felt great to not only be true and honest with myself but refreshing to hear people begin honest about themselves too, no bullshit just pure realness. ( very rare these days. As i listened i learned that like me these of women each in their own way are on a very simular journey to self discovery, self  improvement, and the persuit of their own personal happines…..and it was at that moment that i think i took the first step on the road to mine:)

Dinner Time!!  – Now a lil  more than tipsy , and hungry we decided to go eat, Adiam is rushing behind us trying to make us get ready so not to miss our reservation but we are all half cut at this point – we finally arrive at the Eletraine resturante ( a first for me) Adiam come from an Eltraine background , and proceeds to order for us!

Great pick Adiam we eat drink more and get merry . As we walk home in my slight drunken haze it hits me the difference in the vibe between Rottadame and say London –

1. Almost everyone speaks two languaes there own plus english,

2, People are nice and thoughtful of there fellow man

3. The calm / almost silence, I remember at this point we were crossing a road and a group of young people were coming in the opposite direction. Now had this been in say London there would have been noise, and banter especially on a friday night at 2 am however, thought they were having fun it appeared that they were on  mute….totally wierd!

………………….We arrive home,  shattered and talked out!!! say our good nights and get into bed and this raps up the retreat part of the adventure tomorrow – the tale f two cities – sight seeing 🙂


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