SnapShots – From Rottadam to Amsterdam & back again

( Day 1 – The Retreat! – Tales from Rotterdam)

Day 2,  we awake  to find Aunty Adiam, setting the table for the buffet style breakfast she has prepared. She is not playing about today, after spending the day before sharing and caring on the balcony, she was on a mission to get us up and out…..

……Stop One – The Market Hall Apartments.

I was extremely inpressed by this gigantic space,  designed by MVRDV, as most modern market halls here you will find a mixture  of food, shops restaurant’s & leisure activites but what make this market hall unique is the that the arch itself houses 228 apartments. I loved this space, Only wish we were able to see the view from one of the apartments above tho, to get the full experience.

STOP 2 – The Cube Apartments -by architect Piet Blom. Very original idea however, after visiting one of the apartments, I was not convinced that it actually works as a dwelling space. The apartments  are small and poky,  uncomfortable to navigate. Maybe for a novelty holiday stay it would be fun but, for long term living ummm it most defiantly is not for me. Worth a visit though for sure.:)



During a casual chit-chat we discover that Adele has never been to Amsterdam!! i know crazy right,  so without even giving it a second thought we make a b line for the train station and before you know it we afre on a train Amsterdam bound!!!  as we exit the Amsterdam station we are instantly hit with the Amsterdam buzz,  un like Rotterdam there is nothing on mute in this town………



Before we know it,  its 5am and we are back on the train Rotterdam bound– even quicker still we awake , and one by one we start our journeys back to the cities from which we came….

NEXT STOP  from Dublin To Galway to Conamerra  & back again – April 29th!…..The  adventures continue..




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