BCN Mini Escapes: The Peaks of Montserrat.

For  year now I have been  told that I must get up to Montserrat! and for a  year I have been telling my self yes I have to get up there one day! well last weekend was that one day!  and what a great day it was.

IMG_20160611_133550where, what , how :

Montserrat is a mountain range, monetary &, National park, located north of Barcelona city. It´s an easy 45 mins drive from the city or also accessible by a mixture of  metro, train,  bus and mono rail. This option can take up to 2.5hrs—-I know,  i know only in Spain  would such a popular attraction not have a much more direct and  simple route for those without cars….tut tut. any who it´s worth it.



The Route/ Trail : Sant Jeroni , Highest point of Montserrat!

Elevation: 4055 ft / 1236 m


There are many different routes to be taken ny foot or by the finular railway. The route we took was the Saint Jeroni, trail , that leads you to the highest point of Montserrat. All in all it is a 1-5 hr walk that begins just past the monastery The first 40 -50 mins of this walk is made up for a series of stairs I belive 800-1000 of them to me it felt like a million! after there is a flat section that takes you through the woods then finally back to t a concrete path that leads to more stair :(( that take you to the Summit !!

IMG_20160611_152903 IMG_20160611_152701

I didn’t get to many pictures but, on the plus side i was just in the moment, taking in the peace and quite, the nature, the sounds of the birds nattering away and not to mention i had stair to climb


The Monastery

Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, is located at the “foot” of the Montserrat mountains.  Many of the trails start and end here , and belive it or not many people just come to this point, take a wander around the monastery eat in the surrounding restaurants and leave. Albeit very beautiful its just criminal to come this far and not take a mini hike at the very least.




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