HELLO 2017!! PNBs next 12 months

Well thank god 2016 is over with!! for a second i really didn’t think i was gonna make it! However,  amidst all the fuss and mess that life brings, I managed to fit in a few trips:)  and i am super happy to say I got well antiquated with the beautiful city of Barcelona!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates, it not that i didn’t want to share my findings but, i thought  rather than weekly snap shots of this and that, it would be better to really get involved and enjoy the moments in real time, and then report back later 😉 which is exactly what I plan to do over the coming months. By taking this approach I have started to gain a true insight to the city in varies aspects, and I have also learned how to make the city work for me:) I like to call this MY BCN:)

In addition to me sharing MY BCN, with you all, I also hope to take and share quite a few interesting trips this year……starting with Prague in early Feb, and then to warmer shores as the year goes on:)

Looking forward to sharing my world with you all over the next 12 months :)))



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