About My Blog

Hello there

My names Bianca, i’m 31 years old, from London and i’m a  travel addict. I have been on a mission to see the whole world ever since i took my first holiday , without my parents, to Barcelona, at the age of 17 (1999). So far I have been to 32 countries, which means i have so many adventures ahead of me.

This blog is a place where I can plan, document and share my upcoming adventures,  as well as share my past travel experiences, tips, photos and favorite places on this earth with those of you who are interested:)

I hope you enjoy reading/following my journeys, and who knows maybe a few of you may be inspired to take an adventure or two yourselves, or better yet inspire me to go somewhere you have been and love.


9 thoughts on “About My Blog

    • Hey Sherry, thank you for stopping by:) – So where in the world are you now? – making money onthe road umm i think i’ll do post about that 🙂 – i thiink the obvious choice is teaching english….i have a few ideas of how you can save alot of money while you travel too.

  1. Bianca, I absolutely love your blog, very inspiring.
    Lashai and I thoroughly enjoyed it, Carmon and Gia loved the food pictures.
    Your tips and knowledge for each city, country/island was great.
    I could feel the passion you have for travelling.
    We are so proud of you Girl!
    Continue to follow your dreams. Good luck
    I’ll stayed tuned for your next adventure xx

    • Ahhh I love you guys, I truely appreicate it, I know you have super duper busy lives. I love sharing my passion for travel and it feel good to know your reading and therefore with me every step of he wway. Thank you guys Cameron and Gia i’ll make i post more food pics for ya ;).xxxx

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