2 Trips & 2 Cities Perfect for solo female travellers

I’m  sending virtual high five’s yo all you lady solo travelers out there  taking on the world! And to you ladies that are yet to have solo trip, look lively and get involved! you have no idea what your missing. I love Love love  solo travel , and though France and Canada seem to be the

Celebrating Carnival In Rio

 Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 9  of 10 The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world-famous festival and considered the biggest carnival in the world. I attended the carnival in February 2013. This was the final stop on my brazilian adventure! The parade of course is a massive part of the Carnivals. One of the many main purposes of the […]

Celebrting Christmas & New Years In Rio!

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 8  of 10 Christmas in  Rio – After my Salvador & Morro de Sao Paulo adventures I made my way  back to Rio to celebrate christmas and bring in the new year! This was the first time i would be celebrating xmas away from home, without my family so, I spent weeks […]

A mini guide to: Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 7  of 10 This beach paradise was the 6th stop on my Journey. Morro de Sao Paulo is one of five villages on the Island Tinharé- This island is of located 60 km south of Salvador the Capital of Bahia. It is part of an archipelago of 26 islands, only three of […]

Rio: my fav 4 neighbourhoods & Accommodation

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 4 of 10  A guide to my prefered neighbourhoods & accommodation in Rio Favela Cartegalo  – Catete & Gloria – Lagoa-  – Santa Tereza I stayed in many diffrenent neighbourhoods during my  time in Rio, in hope of  gaining a  better understanding of how the city operates, and to experience the multiple ways […]

Ihla Grande,Brazil – Natures Gift

Brazil: Simply remenising Post 2 of 10 Ihle Grande– Leaving Paraty, this Paradise island located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, was the next stop on my trip. The island is largely undeveloped and is known for its scenic beauty, and tropical beaches. Extract from travel journal. november 13th 2012 Ihla Grande, WOW, what an incredible […]

BUIZOS : From Dawn Till Sunrise.

Dawn till Sunrise is my favorite part of the day. Sadly I don’t oftern see it, but almost every time o do its nothign short of AMAZING!  Dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight, while the Sun itself is still […]