Celebrating The Gracia Festival (Fiesta Mayor de Gracia 2015)

The Gracia festival is a very lively and animated week-long street festival that takes place within the many streets and plazas in the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. This Festival is organised by the residents of the neighbourhood primarily a festival for the residents however, they are kind enough to invite all to join in Until […]

Barcelona – The Outdoor Art Gallery.

Taking a stroll along the long yellow beaches, through the quaint streets, within the inner city parks,  and along the vast avenues of Barcelona, has become one of my favorite pass times. Whilst strolling along I have noticed one thing these distinctive cityscapes have in common, Art. Barcelona is an Outdoor Art Gallery/ Outdoor art is […]

SNAP SHOTS OF: The scenic landscapes, roads and paths of Nusa Lembondang & Nusa Ceningan

Traveling to Bali was more of an extended relaxing holiday segment of our S.E. Asia adventure. We had been there before and therefore done a lot of exploring however, we always like to discover a new place, or activity when re visiting somewhere. With this in mind we agreed to take at least a 4-7day […]

Unforgettable Sunset Beachwalks, Bali

An evening stroll along the beach, starting at Kuta, strolling past Legian, until we hit the fringes of Seminyak quickly became our daily tradition in Bail, and bar far one of my all time favorite things to do ever.  With every step i take the colours of the sky changes, the magnificent waves rise so […]

Snap shots of: 6 S.E Asian Public Sign’s that make me chuckle!

The fact this sign exist at tall can only mean that more than a few people have been caught using the toilets in such a manner …..errrrr! lol . It does bring into question why???? I mean really, even if I had never ever seen sucha contraption I think within a matter of 2-5 seconds I […]

SNAP SHOTS OF : Kuala Lumpur Baby!! – Exploring Kuala Lumpur on foot.- My best bits

On our way to Bali we decided to take a quick 4 night stop in Kualar Lumpur. Iwas there 3 years prior for 2 quick nights,  and i loved it, . I promised myself i would return someday to explore further, plus i really liked the shopping there. The , restaurants, shops, markets and malls offered […]

PODA ISLAND: Day 5 of – 5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable Krabi beaches

Day 5 Poda Island – The cast away Island 😉 We didn’t plan on this being our last beach day but shortly after this day i got a really bad case of heat rash so my beach days were over for a while. ….So we embark on day five, having missed the boat yesterday we are all […]

PHRA NANG CAVE BEACH: Day 2 of -5 days, 5 different yet equally remarkable Krabi beaches

DAY  2 of 5 Phra Nang Cave Beach  Having been slightly disappointed with Railay Beach, the day before, we set of on day 2 with our fingers & toes crossed that we will be pleasantly amazed by what we see today. I could feel Fernando losing faith in my 3 years of hyping the Thai […]

Snap Shots Of : 8 Days In Bangkok- My Best Bits!

If you read my latest post you will know that i am not a big fan of Bangkok but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a good time. These are My Best Bits 1. China Town  – Yaowarat Road –  the main road that runs from one end of Chian town to the other , and […]

Cadiz! :) – The Highlights

Andalusian Adventure post 9 Just thinking of Cadiz brings a smile to my face. This beautiful beach side town was the perfect place for the 3rd sto of our trip . Why? because by this point we were just wanting to relax, wake up late, Chill on the beach,  and simply have no plans for […]