SnapShots – From Rottadam to Amsterdam & back again

( Day 1 – The Retreat! – Tales from Rotterdam) Day 2,  we awake  to find Aunty Adiam, setting the table for the buffet style breakfast she has prepared. She is not playing about today, after spending the day before sharing and caring on the balcony, she was on a mission to get us up and […]

The Retreat! – a.k,a The Girlie Wkend! – Tales from Rottadam (Part 1)

Last month I took my first trip of 2016, to Rottadam & Amsterdam. What started off as a simple visit to see a friend , quickly turned into an unexspected new type of mini adventure for me – The “girlie weekend”.  I had never been on a “girlie” break before. I guess because i have […]

I recently learnt that – VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE – quick trip to London

I was lucky enough to spend the three days leading up to christmas in London. This was a last minute visit, to arrange the shipment of a few of my boxes to be sent over to Barcelona, that rapidly turned into an amazing 3 days  with friends ( i miss so much) and experiencing London as a […]

Feeling a little home sick – 5 Things I Miss Most From Home

Of Course It goes without saying that I miss my mates, family etc. This list isn´t about those types of things, it more about the everyday things that i “took for granted”at home, things that i didn´t even realize were things i cherised at all …… 1. A decent cuppa tea!!! man oh man i […]

Barcelona – The Outdoor Art Gallery.

Taking a stroll along the long yellow beaches, through the quaint streets, within the inner city parks,  and along the vast avenues of Barcelona, has become one of my favorite pass times. Whilst strolling along I have noticed one thing these distinctive cityscapes have in common, Art. Barcelona is an Outdoor Art Gallery/ Outdoor art is […]

Traveling As A Couple: The good, the bad, and the not so ugly truth ;)

Myself and Fernando have spent the 2 of the past 4 months traveling together in S.E Asia, and the later 2 months in Barcelona, with the idea to stay for the forseeable future , should things work out in our favor. Before embarking on this adventure, many of our friends expressed concerns and had many […]