BCN Mini Escapes: The Peaks of Montserrat.

For  year now I have been  told that I must get up to Montserrat! and for a  year I have been telling my self yes I have to get up there one day! well last weekend was that one day!  and what a great day it was. where, what , how : Montserrat is a mountain range, monetary […]

Barcelona (BCN)-The 24hr Summer Beach City.

The Barcelona coastline is constantly changing with a never-ending buzz, and constant flow of people.  Each part of the day seems to attract a different type of activity and therefore persons, and best of all the beach never ever closes!. The 7 Beaches are primarily used a leisure/social venue where people or all ages, both […]

7 Fun Things I Enjoy Doing In Barcelona For Free :)

Barcelona, offers a great summer programmes of event and activities for all,m and its free. Yes you heard right,  for FREE. I for one have been trying to get round to as many of them as possible, and I have been pleasantly  surprised at the high quality and turn out to these events, that have become […]

WK1 Escaping to a life less ordinary: Online Apartment Hunting

Week one – Escaping to a life less ordinary.  Virtual apartment hunting is s something i have spent ALOT of hours doing this week. Rather than just jump right in we have decided to slow it down and go for 3 months rental property, taking the view that it should be enough time to get settled, […]