2 Trips & 2 Cities Perfect for solo female travellers

I’m  sending virtual high five’s yo all you lady solo travelers out there  taking on the world! And to you ladies that are yet to have solo trip, look lively and get involved! you have no idea what your missing. I love Love love  solo travel , and though France and Canada seem to be the

Cadiz! :) – The Highlights

Andalusian Adventure post 9 Just thinking of Cadiz brings a smile to my face. This beautiful beach side town was the perfect place for the 3rd sto of our trip . Why? because by this point we were just wanting to relax, wake up late, Chill on the beach,  and simply have no plans for […]

The Andalusian Adventure Begins…..The Itinerary

The Itinery : London to Malaga- Granada (4days)-Seville(2days) -Cadiz-(4days)-Malaga (2day)- London( until our next adventure:) The journey so far: So we are here, day three of this adventure. In that time we have flown to Malaga, where the buses to Granada (stop1) were fully booked till 5pm therefore giving us time to enjoy Malaga city before […]